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An innocent Remembrance: Poem for GRANDPARENTS

“I am lucky I have all the four to adore, cuddle, teach, play, understand and support. I love them immensely and truly.”

You all might have already guessed for whom 4 I am referring to, for sure they are the grandparents. Their love and blessings showered on us makes us stronger.

But unfortunately I am not that lucky, I could not spend time with my grandfathers and always wondered how it would be to talk to and play with grandfathers. Though both maternal and paternal grandmother showered their love on us and we were their darling granddaughters somewhere in my heart there is a vacuum that miss my grandfathers affection.

According to Hindu rituals and customs 15 days of Pitr paksh, which are 15 days prior to Navratri marks the days as Shrad pooja. 'Shradh' is observed when we welcome our beloved ones who have left this world to bestow us with their sacred blessings.   

Though the destiny can’t be changed but still my heart wants a strange wish. I wish to God, just give me atleast one day to spend with my grandpa, just a few moments to relive, to listen, to learn, to express my heart out. This heart yearns to be blessed with this one moment.   

PoemOnGrandParents- Aura Of Thoughts

A heartfelt poem अनोखी चाह : Strange Wish  which I have penned down in remembrance of my grandfathers few months back on the blog would like to share with you all. This poem is in Hindi, I have also written a rough non-rhyming translation of it in English.

चाहा था आपके पास बैठूँ
कुछ कहुँ और कुछ आपसे सुनु ,
बैठूँ गोद में आपके हर बार
जब पडे माँ से मीठी मार
आपकी मुस्कान मुझे दिलासा देती,
फिर गलती दोहराने का एहसास दिलाती

चाहा था देखूँ उन्हें पास से
जिसने संवारा परिवार प्यार से
सुनु आपकी बातें आपके मुख से,
माँ पापा की शैतानियों और किस्से
देखूँ वह सुन्हेरा धागा प्यार का 
जिसे सिर्फ मेहसुस किया जा सका

चाहा था चलु आपके साथ ,
बगीचे में थाम के आपका हाँथ,
उठाते आप मुझे पुचकारते हुए लाड से,
अगर गिर जाती मैं अचानक से,
चुप कराने को खिलाते मुझे मीठी टॉफ़ी ,
बस वही होता मेरे लिए काफ़ी

पर यह सब हो ना सका कभी ,
मैं आपसे मिल ना सकी कभी,
जानती हूँ आपका आशीर्वाद बना है सदा ,
पर क्या इस नियति को दे हम दगा
लौट आईएं एक दिन के लिए ,
समेट लूंगी मैं बचपन सदा के लिए

चाह बड़ी अनोखी है मेरी ,
समझ जाओ भगवन तो करना पूरी ,
इस जीवन में एक दिन ऐसा देना,
 बन जाऊ अपने दादा-नाना का खिलौना
खेलूं कूदूँ मैं उनके संग ख़ुशी ख़ुशी ,
सच नहीं तो सवप्नलोक में करना आशा पूरी

English Translation

I wish I could sit beside you,
listen and say something’s to you,
sit in your lap for safety
when mother runs behind me for the blunders I  have done
your assurance smile make me happy
which assures me not to make mistakes again.

I wish I could see you smile
the one who knitted loving family
I wish I could hear your stories from you
wished to hear childhood stories of my parents
wished to see the golden thread of love moments
which I only felt in these years.

I wish to walk beside you,
leisure walk in park holding your hand
you would hold me upright if I fall
cuddling me with all love and care
to bring a smile you would give a chocolate
yes that would have been enough to me.

But all these things were not possible
as I never met you in person
I know your blessings are with me always
but let's cheat destiny for a day
comeback for a day defeating death
so that I could gather all my childhood memories for once.

My wish is very strange
fulfill it God, if you can understand,
in my lifetime just give a day
so that I can play with my grandfathers
I wish to play jump and have fun,
if not in real then at least fulfill the wish in dreams.

Though most of our grandparents have left us but their virtues and values remain with us enlightening our path to attain our goals. Their blessings are always with us and their aura will always remain in our heart.

Did you make any strange wish?
Do you miss your loved ones?

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  1. Loved the post. my grandparents are no more. My dadaji died when we were very small.. in fact all my grandparents died quite early. Miss them

  2. Beautiful post, thank you. Not only are all my grandparents gone, so are my parents. I never met my maternal grandfather as he died before I was born. And I last saw my paternal grandfather when I was 4 so don't remember him. Sad to have people in your past that helped to make you who you are, yet you have no memories of them. Great thanks this week in Thankful Thursday!

  3. Losing grandparents can be so hard, we need to cherish them when they're around....this is a beautiful post.


  4. I have to be honest - i never got to see any of my parents. Somehow it is tough for me to feel anything emotionally when I think of that term... Though I wish I had known them in some way.

  5. I have lost all 4 of them and I had the chance to spend my childhood days with them. So my memories are so vivid that I feel there are around. I have also penned a few posts on them.
    You brought those times alive.

  6. I was blessed to have known three of my four grandparents and am grateful for the love I experienced through them. Loved your post, Sonal.
    PS: Congratulations on post #400!

  7. I really miss all of them especially NAANI AMMI... They all was inspiration for me and I learned many good things from all of them butt they all passed away in few years when I was a teenager...

  8. I really love the touching and beautiful poem ...you made me nostalgic!!Grandparents are blessings!!

  9. I was blessed to enjoy the company of both sets of my grand parents. Can completely understand how precious those moments are. I still cherish them and narrate my childhood stories to my kids .

    Congratulations on 400 posts.

  10. My grandparents passed when I am 2yr. This poem is very heart touching. Indeed lucky people who get to live with their grand parents

  11. Absolutely true. I remember my grandparents in every tough situation and how they would handle it. Your post brought a smile to my face

  12. Lovely Poem with English translation. I am unfortunate I lost my maternal grandmother and paternal grandfather very soon that's why I have a very few and faded memories. At present, I have only my paternal grandmother. Memories recalled after reading his poem.

  13. Lucky you. God bless them. I have not seen one. I have seen deaths of two. One is left. God bless her.

  14. You know what we planned 90 th bday for my grandpa n he died after all guest arrived on same day, it was shock for all kids in family but he knows how much we loved him

  15. This is such a heart warming post. It made me so emotional. I'm one lucky person, as I have my grandparents yet with us and feel blessed for their unconditional love.

  16. I have not seen any of my grandparents. I have seen my dads chachi and mausi and they were my grandparents in my childhood. I miss them terribly.

  17. None of my grandparents are there with us now. It is indeed a special bond and you're very lucky to have them beside you still.

  18. This is a wish of all the people who did not see their grandparents or did not get enough time to spend with them.

  19. Elders are our blessings, and having them in life means a lot. Your words are quite emotional and I am rethinking over few altercations I had in the past. Past can never be revised but such things leave us with heavy heart.

  20. what a heartfelt post. i was never much with my grandparents as we lived in a different city all together, but i remember the bits and parts of the beautiful memories.


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