Saturday 8 September 2018

Let’s mend back ‘The God’s Own Country’ –KERELA

Many of us who have visited Kerela, would surely relate Kerela with its serene beauty and calmness of nature. Kerela situated in southern coastal region is being one of the states where every nature lover would love to visit.

These summer vacations we got a chance to fulfill one of our places, which was longing enough on our bucket list. Spending a week in Kerela made me know about the region more deeply. Kerela and it’s mystic beauty was calling factor for most of the visitors.


But who imagined that God owns country can be devastated by nature itself?

Why did such rainfall and floods were out of control?

Why no official or agency could control that destruction?

These all questions hover in mind, but what was and what is more important at this time is to cope up with this situation.

People of Kerela have stayed strong and been support system of each other. Many countrymen reached the shattered land and lend their help. Now that water levels are normal in state, it’s the time major rehabilitation needs to be worked out.

Lend your hand in this wreckage situation and make the Kerela a scenic beauty state again. Yrs, it will take time and time shall heal many wounds. It’s very easy to contribute towards our fellow countrymen; you can drop your help while sitting at your home.


We, Meenal & Sonal, along with blogging community Indiblogger come forward to make people aware that your help will reach the needy. It’s never late to show your gratitude, so let’s mend our God’s own country- KERELA again. We are doing our bit by writing #BlogForKerela and monetary help too, show your support in a gesture you can.

For donations these are the details

Know every thing about Rescue work at KerelaFloodRescue
Contribute to Cm's distress relief fund, click here or 
You can donate at the below details
Account number: 67319948232
Bank: State Bank of India
Branch: City branch, Thiruvananthapuram
IFS Code: SBIN0070028
Name of Donee: CMDRF

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  1. Replies
    1. Yes Bikramjit, we all fell helpless in front of power of nature.

  2. touching writeup.. i did my part for kerala relief

    1. Thants good Deepa, I am sure our bits will add up to a greater help in Kerela.

  3. The weather is out of control all over the world - as someone who has experienced a flood, I have shared this and also watched the video. I fear this situation is only going to get worse, and too many of us are unprepared.

    1. True Alana, all over the world we are facing the burnt of extreme weather, hoping humans change the way of living for better future.

  4. It's so sad with all that happened. Sad and horrible destruction of life and property. Unpreparedness, population and then climate changes have ruined things. Thank you for spreading awareness.

    1. Agreed Parul, all factors leading to crisis makes the situation even worse. Thanks for dropping by .

  5. So much devastation. I’ve done my bit and am happy to see everyone pulling together in this difficult time.

    1. Unity can only pullout people from this devastation state. Glad that we all are doing our bit.

  6. Incredible points. Soliod arguments. Keep up the amazing spirit.

  7. Goo job with spreading the awareness. I know my reach is far less but I have done my bit as a blogger as well as an individual contributor. I pledged part of my monthly salary which will be matched by Microsoft for donation to Kerala.

  8. nice writeup. yes, trying my bit to help God's own country

  9. It was indeed devastating to watch the people of kerala suffer. We we offered the aid it still felt like if only we could do more. It didn't feel like it was enough what we did to support kerala.


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