Friday, 7 September 2018

A Simple Test to give your baby the best Wet wipes

Motherhood and care goes hand in hand. Don’t you all agree with this saying? I am sure most of you must be nodding head in complete agreement. A mother is always extra cautious for the child and so makes sure that everything is done in time and in particular manner. For that a mother keeps many things handy and one among them are wet wipes.

There are many brands, which have come up with baby care products, most of them boast of being chemical free. But from myriad options available in market one will surely get confused as to which product is the best. Baby’s skin is very delicate and sensitive to the slightest chemicals in the products that we use for them. So we should always try to pick the product, which is made of natural ingredients, as they are safe on babies skin. All criteria were fit in Mother Sparsh water based wipes, which are as good as cotton and water. The search is finally over with Mother Sparsh baby wipes.

If you are thinking how to zero in on a baby wipes, then let me share with you all simple methodology.

How to pick the right wet wipe?
A special flame test is a wonderful and easy method to test the presence of polyester in the wipes. Polyester is harsh on baby’s skin and continuous use of polyester based wipes result in irritation and inflammation on baby skin. 

Steps to perform the flame test:
You will need a candle, matchbox, baby wipes and a bowl of water, incase of emergency.
Light a candle at a secured platform.
Pull out one wet wipe from the pack of baby wipes set.
Hold it above the flame.
Let the wipe catch the flame.
Observe the changes in the wipe.

Things to pay attention to: 
The Odor: If the wipe burns with a burning plastic odor then the wipe contains plastic content.
Residue: Wipes containing plastic leave a sticky material after burning.

I also performed this simple home test on wet wipes and I was happy that Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes passed the flame test.

There was no odor and no plastic residue after burning the wipe. Mothers feel top on world when their choice is right for kids, so was the feeling after flame test. You can also perform this flame test at your home with above instructions and know yourself about the product. It’s always good to test the product and then use on your extended heart, your child.

The brand Mother Sparsh has come up with wet wipes taking utmost care and efforts. These wipes are as good as cotton and water. The wipes are made out of natural cotton fiber giving them a very soft texture. The Mother Sparsh wet wipes are safe for the babies skin leaving the skin supple and soft. Now every mother can take a sigh of relief with Mother Sparsh wipes beside. 



  1. Simple test, and very important. Thanks for sharing this!

    1. Yes such a simple test to get completely satisfied for our kids.

  2. Great bit of information. When we were using baby wipes during my Mom's illness, I tried one on my face and was surprised at how harsh it felt. Immediately stopped using them.

    1. Yes Corinne, even I was surprised when I used other brand baby wipe. Later used for household purposes as had to finish the pack.

  3. Haven't heard of the flame test before. Will check with other wipes I am currently using

    Namratha from #firstgreenstep #MyFriendAlexa

  4. I prefer to use only Mother Sparsh Wet Wipes , even I have done the flame test with other leading brands which claim to be gentle on baby's skin, but they failed miserably .
    #MyFriendAlexa #zenithbuzzreads

    1. Yes Mother Sparsh passed this flame test in all aspects.

  5. I had no idea that a simple flame test could be done to check the quality of the baby wipes.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Welcome Sona, simple flame test that gives clear results.

  6. Such a simple test and absolutely needed. Will try it on the wipes we're using.


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