Wednesday, 26 July 2017

अनोखी चाह : Strange Wish

चाहा था आपके पास बैठूँ , 
कुछ कहुँ और कुछ आपसे सुनु ,
बैठूँ गोद में आपके हर बार, 
जब पडे माँ से मीठी मार | 
आपकी मुस्कान मुझे दिलासा देती,
फिर गलती न दोहराने का एहसास दिलाती | 

चाहा था देखूँ उन्हें पास से, 
जिसने संवारा परिवार प्यार से, 
सुनु आपकी बातें आपके मुख से,
माँ पापा की शैतानियों और किस्से | 
देखूँ वह सुन्हेरा धागा प्यार का 
जिसे सिर्फ मेहसुस किया जा सका | 

चाहा था चलु आपके साथ ,
बगीचे में थाम के आपका हाँथ,
उठाते आप मुझे पुचकारते हुए लाड से,
अगर गिर जाती मैं अचानक से,
चुप कराने को खिलाते मुझे मीठी टॉफ़ी ,
बस वही होता मेरे लिए काफ़ी | 

पर यह सब हो ना सका कभी ,
मैं आपसे मिल ना सकी कभी,
जानती हूँ आपका आशीर्वाद बना है सदा ,
पर क्या इस नियति को दे हम दगा | 
लौट आईएं एक दिन के लिए ,
समेट लूंगी मैं बचपन सदा के लिए | 

चाह बड़ी अनोखी है मेरी ,
समझ जाओ भगवन तो करना पूरी ,
इस जीवन मैं एक दिन ऐसा देना,
की बन जाऊ अपने दादा-नाना का खिलौना| 
खेलूं कूदूँ मैं उनके संग ख़ुशी ख़ुशी ,
सच नहीं तो सवप्नलोक में करना आशा पूरी | 

@ सोनल 

This poem is dedicated to my grandfathers, and I wish I could spend a day with them.
Sharing with Indiblogger where this week's Indispire prompt is #DefeatDeathForADay

English Translation

I wish I could sit beside you,
listen and say somethings to you,
sit in your lap for safety
when mother runs behind me for the blunders I  have done
your assurance smile make me happy
which assures me not to make mistakes again.

I wish I could see you smile
the one who knitted loving family
I wish I could hear your stories from you
wished to hear childhood stories of my parents
wished to see the golden thread of love moments
which I only felt in these years.

I wish to walk beside you,
leisure walk in park holding your hand
you would hold me upright if I fall
cuddling me with all love and care
to bring a smile you would give a chocolate
yes that would have been enough to me.

But all these things were not possible
as I never met you in person
I know your blessings are with me always
but let's cheat destiny for a day
comeback for a day defeating death
so that I could gather all my childhood memories for once.

My wish is very strange
fulfill it God, if you can understand,
in my lifetime just give a day
so that I can play with my grandfathers
I wish to play jump and have fun,
if not in real then atleast fulfill the wish in dreams.


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  2. Grandparents offer immense love which we always relish n cherish too. Bahut khoob likha hai aapne

    1. Yes they do outpour their love to fullest, but sometimes we don't get enough of it.

  3. I loved it guys. I lost my grandfather very early and my grandmother 2 years back. So, I can totally relate to the happiness and the lose one feels for them. Grandparents are a blessing for children, those who have are lucky. :) you brought back many memories, made me a lil emotional too. Thanks a ton.

    Rashi Mital

    1. Rashi, we can understand your emotions, it's little difficult to overcome this pain. Yes lucky kids who have showering love of all 4 grandparents.

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