Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Ebook Review : Phir Milenge

Book Cover

The image of a deep blue ocean depicting the calmness and depth are matching to the book content as one needs to go to the depth of the words to catch the authors imagination.

About the Author
Prateek Mathur is a Blogger, Food Scientist and Husband in increasing order of inexperience! Politically liberal, outspoken and often, incorrect! Follow him for stories, political posts, poems & monologues. He blogs under pen name Writefully Yours for past few years. His love for hindi poetry is obvious as his interest always tilts towards it.

About the book
Phir Milenge is a collection of poems, which speaks about various aspects of time in our life journey. It talks about friendship, life partner, good time spent with dear ones and their impact on our lives.

Highlights of the book

The book can add up to the lovers of poetry.

Few of his poetry is thought provoking, and the one which will surely touch readers heart is poem named “Ehsaas”.

His much-acclaimed work is ‘Phir Milenge’, which essays the story of a togetherness and departure of souls

Sometimes few thoughts seemed a bit repetitive in a style and monotonous, new way of poetry can always make his poetry shine out more.

One has to definitely grab a copy if you are true hindi poetry love. Reader will surely dive deep on the ocean of words and thoughts created by Prateek Mathur.

I selected this book as part of book review program by blog chatter in Blogchatter Writing Carnival. You can download this book through this link here and read various eBooks listed and happy to share with you all that our first eBook ‘Tangled Relationships Yet Sweet' is also one among the list.


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