Friday, 14 July 2017

Knock Knock! It’s SEAMO

Every exam brings in some sort of anxiety among the young minds and more over the stress to prepare for the same. But we as parents can surely relieve the stress by encouraging a friendly environment for exams and SEAMO believes in the same. SEAMO, (South East Asian Mathematical Olympiad) is originated from Singapore.  It is conceptualized and managed by noted mathematician and experts of Terry Chew.

Yes it’s unique concepts, which puts forward every child giving them the ability to bring out their talents. SEAMO is not only Olympiad, but strives to bring out the creative minds of young children at a competition at highest level.

More than 40,000 students appeared in SEAMO last year across 12 Asian countries viz Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Jakarta, Philippines, Brunei, Indonesia, Timor-Leste. 
With the sole purpose to offer a common platform for wide cross section of Indian students to assess their skills and to compete with international students of South East Asia 

SEAMO will be held for the first time in India across 55 cities and in more than 100 test centres.

Objective of SEAMO is to widen the network of Southeast Asian Maths Olympians to encourage sharing of mathematical knowledge among countries within the region. In the process it hopes to provide encouragement to students as they build their passion for mathematics. The papers are set keeping in mind the students of all level and aims to stretch the capabilities of young Olympians one bite-sized step at a time.
·      It aims at promoting excellence amongst students of Class V – XII, in their every sphere of school learning.
·      Provide realistic view to students on their ability.
·      Encourages analytical thinking, as it presents a platform which assesses the
·      Logical thinking and problem solving approach of a student by compelling them

·      Learning style through a personalized report.

SEAMO sole vision is to be a platform to identify and discover mathematical talents through creative challenges. It encourages maximum students to participate in this Olympiad to unleash their mathematical talent across India and other countries. SEAMO’s mission is to inspire and embrace more enthusiastic young minds to participate and enjoy Mathematical Olympiad. To provide resources for students of various levels to hone their problem-solving skills and to prepare for more challenging competitions.

SEAMO encourages all categories of students to experience, assess their skill base and benchmark their performance. Whereas most of the other Olympiads follow a filtration process wherein only the best student progress to the next level and others are required to exit, this is achieved by keeping the exam at very high difficulty level.

Benefits of SEAMO
As a parent I would surely look out for benefits of an exam or in what aspects does it help for a global reach?
 SEAMO surely answers the questions:

·      Early exposure to an International Olympiad (esp. for Class V – IX) helps to nurture the mental and thinking ability of the students, which ultimately boosts their confidence.
·      Relative evaluation, wherein students will be able to benchmark their performance w.r.t. Others, through National Rank (amongst students of 55 cities) and International Rank (amongst students of 13 countries).
·      Performance Analysis report based on SEAMO performance will be an unique takeaway.
·      A key attraction in this unlike other Olympiads that students gets to identify their weaknesses; improve upon them; and will exhibit enhanced performance in successive competitive exam.
·      Enables right career decision suitable for a child out of possible career options available, though not directly but SEAMO gives an insight to the skill base of a child.
·      Progressive improvement tracking opportunity for students, to appear in SEAMO every year and benchmark their performance w.r.t. Previous year. This is likely to boost the confidence.

Of course every hard work is paid and so is this Olympiad. These rewards help students to motivate and excel to the highest point with their full potential.

· Gold Plated Medal & Certificate: Top 0.025% of students
· Silver Plated Medal & Certificate: Next 1% of students
· Bronze Plated Medal & Certificate: Next 2% of students
· Participation Certificate: For all students

So let's SEAMO! by encouraging our young brigade to take part in the three level exam which is going to be held on 6 August 2017. For more details visit


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