Monday, 24 July 2017

EBook Review : Soul Sojourn

Book Cover
The book cover compliments the title very well, and the path on cover leading far makes one sit analyze self for sure.

About the author
Tina Sequeira wears many hats - management professional, teacher and writer. She is a proud Indian woman, hailing from Kerala, raised in Telangana and lived in California for a couple of years. Currently, she lives in Hyderabad.

Tina is vehemently passionate about promoting fairness and equality between men and women in all aspects of life. She likes to question through her writings, the validity and existence of certain traditions and customs in today ́s world especially when it comes at the expense of a woman ́s free will and well being.

About the book
The book Soul Sojourn has 26 chapters where each chapter represents the alphabet and each alphabet in turn essays the heart-felt experiences of author Tina. This book deals with many aspects of life such as parenting, love, relationships and responsibility.

Highlights of the book

Tina has very well framed each chapter with the start and ending each chapter with series of questions to reader, where one surely sits back and ponder of the issue.

Each chapter is well explained with apt quotations by various authors and personalities.

Each chapter essays her personal experiences for an example in chapter ‘Love’, such experiences are shared very beautifully.

Each chapter has many questions and are answered by author too. Few questions in chapter ‘Hero’ will make you think on your idol with different perspective.

Naughty and Nice chapter touches the parenting side of a reader very intriguingly.

Tina’s observing nature has taught her many things in life that is even essayed in chapters.

Grab a copy for yourself to have a soulful journey with Tina. You can download this book through this link here 

I selected this book as part of book review program by blog chatter inBlogchatter Writing Carnival . You can read various eBooks listed here and happy to share with you all that our first eBook ‘TangledRelationships Yet Sweet" is also one among the list.


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