Wednesday 1 August 2018

Book Review : Wheels of Time by GS Nidhi

Today I am reviewing e-book titled “Wheels of Time, 12 months & 12 Tales of Life” authored by GS Nidhi. This is the third book we picked in eBook Carnival review program.

Book Cover & Title:

Wheels of Time, 12 months & 12 tales of life. The tag line ‘When the unexpected leads to expected’ made me pick this book and I am happy that my pick was rightful.

Book Cover has an image of man gazing at stars, as though the man is questioning God and listening to his answers.

Book Contents:

E-Book has 12 stories, and each story is backdrop is a particular month. Author has beautifully woven the stories around the months and essayed each character with the seasons is what I loved to the core.

All the short stories are heart warming and often will leave you teary eyes.

Many stories have after life talks between characters, which will make you, start questioning of the other world of souls.

Each character is marvelously carved and season as I mentioned plays a perfect role in the story.
The story that touched me exceptionally is ‘Solving Life’s puzzle’; author carefully spins the words around the puzzle that a reader get involved to solve it with character. This story will make you believe in the signals given by God.

Another story that amused me is story of Jason, titled in ‘Insane Angel’. Author speaks about guardian angels that protect the humans and how few of us just ignore the special power.

Every tale is speaks volumes and will make you ponder on many perspectives of life, time, belief, faith and never-ending wheel of karma.

Final Word: 

Pick this book over leisure weekend and discover the spiritual and factual side of world. Dive into the positivity of the characters and you will surely have smile after reading it. Download from here for FREE.

Book Details
Name: Wheels of Time, 12 months & 12 Tales of Life

Author: GS Nidhi
Genre: Fiction, Fantasy
Published: Free book at Blogchatter
My Rating: 4.5/5

This review is a part of the Review program hosted by Blogchatter. We also reviewed Ravish Manis’s audio book 'Break Free the Leader Within' & Rohan Kachalia’s Annoyed Thieves amid Darking armies


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