Tuesday 24 July 2018

Book Review: Annoyed Thieves amid darkling armies

Today, I am reviewing ebook by Rrohan Kachalia. It’s collection of poems and my love towards poetry made me pick this book from lot of 56 books at Blogchatter for review. Also I had read Rohan’s first co-authored book The 23rd Girl, which was a fun read, so was looking forward for his collections of poems.

Title: Annoyed thieves amid darkling armies, A collection of poems by Rrohan Kachalia.
AuraOfThoughts-Book Review of Rohan Kachalia book
Book Review - Annoyed theives amid darkling armies.

Secretive Book Cover: Yes look at the book cover, a man behind a sad smiley facemask will make you think about the poetry shared by the author. My perception with it is varied masks a person wears in life and the poems interpret many meanings of lifetime.

Book Contents: This book contains 26 stunted poems covering varying aspects beautifully. From friendship to love and also expressing his views on social aspects in poems, and one of them is titled ‘Kins of the same blood’.

Rohan Kachalia’s poem will make reader sit and ponder on each issue. Poet has artistically essayed his emotions, his observant nature is outpoured in poetry.

Poems are short and easy to understand phrases, every person can relate to these poems. The one which I liked the most is ‘Number One’, Look at the poem, how beautifully Rohan has expressed the rationality of number one.

Number One

When I hear about you, Singularly you,
I can only think of a race
Race to be at the top, Top of the pinnacle – In studies and in life
Why can’t you just be a number Plain and Jane
Without any attributes attached?
You create a divide Among students, parents and People in general
O wait a minute!
Didn’t caste create a bigger divide? Whenever it sticks it ugly head out
So, my dear one
You need not worry, for caste is Way superior than you in most cases

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Book Details

Name: Annoyed thieves amid darkling armies
Author: Rrohan Kachalia
Genre: Poetry
Published: Free book at Blogchatter
My Rating: 4/5


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