Sunday 15 July 2018

Honest wish to GOD

God! Take away these soaring eyes, take away;
don’t need them in this way.
Stoned Eyes lost charm in this bay,
Everything here is now dull & grey.

There were times eyes loved each sight,
now things looks meekly in terrific plight.
Nothing more good to view even in broad day light,
everything seems wrong nothing is right.
Wish to God- Aura Of Thoughts -MeenalSonal Poetry
Honest Wish to GOD!

Humans no longer see others sorrow or pain,
as they are indulged in their never-ending self gain.
Take away eyes that fails to see soulful heart,
and even cannot recognize ill from inches apart.

Instead bestow feelings in abundance or atleast in double,
to relate to others who are in trouble.
Let all acknowledge life is not a gamble,
reach out to many being positive & emotional.

Let all do analysis of this crisis situations,
think and act against serpent selfishness.
While joining hands with deeper gratification,
wearing kindness attire for ultimate vision.

Crush numbness and greediness away in life,
to feel others feelings is surely a sign of relief.
Then no cry to hound or any grief,
all are close knitted with simple belief.

Take away all worries of the world,
wish to sense the beauty that is gold.
What I can sense with closed eyes is magical,
as this is genuine attachment and not mystical.

Sharing this poetry with Blogadda - WOW - The Most Powerful Sense - where we had to exchange one sense with another and that having double power. I have chosen sense feel over see. This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’ 

And also sharing with MindLoveMisery's Menagerie - Saturday Mix - Same Same but Different, where synonyms of words Check, Dress, Hand, Snake & Drop are used.

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  1. Creatively expressed.
    So true. So much pain in this world...
    Congrats for WOW :)
    Have a WOW week ahead!

    1. Thanks Anita. WOW prompt was so good couldn't stop myself to pen this poem.

  2. beautiful description of reality, congrats for wow badge

    1. Thank you. Yes a reality that sometimes makes us feel miserable.


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