Monday 26 June 2017

#BookReview: The 23rd Girl by Divya Ratan & Rohan Kachalia

The book “The 23rd Girl” is a debut book of Rohan Kachalia & Divya Ratan is about the journey of Rashv and his love life and his belief in numerology.

Book Cover: Book base girl blue makes it refreshing in the shelf and two dies showing numbers two and three make the title more impactful to the readers. Title of the book clearly states the importance of numbers in the story.

About Author:
Rohan Kachalia is an avid reader and writer whose love for writing kicked in when he started blogging few years back. He has penned many short stories and poems and his work has been published in many anthologies. This book is his first co-authored novel. You can get in touch with him at twitter @rohank01

Plot with Numbers:
Smart, suave and confident, Rashv is a young man in his early twenties whose claim to fame is his never say die spirit. His life lacked any excitement till one day he accidentally discovers a strange connection with the number 23. He gets so obsessed with it that the number begins to influence everything he ever does. Roohi is a fiercely independent, headstrong girl who is chasing her dreams in the corporate world before the ‘burn out’ happens. She craves for a change and takes a sabbatical from work when she happens to cross paths with Rashv who falls irrevocably in love with her. They have a whirlwind romance before Rashv realizes that she does not quite fit in her number theory. On one hand is this number, which has defined his life and on the other hand is the truest love he has ever felt.

Characters are described in very detailed manner, which helps readers to connect well with characters so well.
Rashv, the lead of story seems so real with little flaws and imperfections.
Conversation between mind and heart are hilarious and adds the lighter note to the story line.

Book is organized into chapters but without title, this makes one loose interest to start the next chapter.
Story line is very well clear in the start with the title, so end is clear in the readers mind, it only how it reaches.

Final Word: After reading this book one will surely ponder on the presence of numbers in life. Story leaves you with a smile at end as Rashv, the hero of story is happy and content and his belief in number 23 is success. Go ahead grab this book for a weekend or on a trip, when you need a change from monotonous draggy stories.

Book Details

Name: The 23rd Girl
Author: Divya Ratan & Rohan Kachalia
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Half Baked Beans Publishing
ISBN: 978-9384315672
Pages: 153
Price:  Rs 199
My Rating: 4/5

I received signed copy by Rohan Kachalia by Write Tribe in Book Tour & Contest. All views expressed are my true opinion. You can own a copy of it now :)



  1. Yes, number do make a difference in people's life. I haven't experienced it personally but have seen people who believe in it.

  2. This is a good review. I remember reading this book and i felt much the same as you did about it.

  3. I wish the book's chapters had titles because they help us to connect with the book more. Nice review of the book.

  4. Interesting plot and this number theory is really an amazing and unique element in this book. will surly check this out, thanks a lot for sharing detail review.

  5. Rohan is one of the very wonderful author and this book seems really good to grab and read ...beautiful plot!!

  6. Oh! I am glad number 23 worked for him. Nice and honest review as always. I personally don't believe in numerology much.

  7. Oh! I am glad number 23 worked for him. Nice and honest review as always. I personally don't believe in numerology much.

  8. Haha in love you are always confused and wondering which path to take. I think he finally chose not to go according to his numbers because love always wins.

  9. I've read this book too and didn't quite like it. It dragged a lot and as a woman I felt it tad disrespectful.

  10. Great read.well written for first timers. The story consept is unique nd amazing..

  11. That is a nice rating. Rohan writes love stories really well. I used to be a regular reader on his blog at one time.

  12. Heard about how numbers play important roles in celebrity life. The plot sounds intriguing and crisp. Love to read

  13. I was searching for a great book to read, looks like my search has come to an end. i'm purchasing this book right away.


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