Friday 30 June 2017

Stand Against Dear Ones : #ALetterToHer

Dear Fearful Soul,

The strong wind blows the sand with it; it's the greatness of sand to rise and leave behind the very own place only to find a better place to be. But walking with the wind may not seem easy but it's not difficult though. Every phase begins to end so is this phase too.

But which kind of wind can blow yourself out, out of the tangles of your dear ones. The dear ones who give pain pushing you to nowhere. Let the wind of courage and hope flow in a blissful direction.

A fresh breeze of life will transform your quiet subtle stagnant logjam of helplessness into series of hope. It's time to let the storm inside you bust out leaving behind all kinds fears and anxiety. It's your turn to put your self-respect ahead of everything, once you step out of the fear shell; you will see me by your side waiting to hear the chirps of happiness that you forgot today.

Arise Awake
Move forward
Walk out
Build new abode
Many new beginnings waiting
Give wings to dreams

Gather your bits and walk away the life of fear and pain I am waiting for you with open arms.

Your friend

Letter to Domestic violence victim - auraofthoughts

Raising a voice against your dear ones is very crucial and important for the ones who are bearing pain of domestic violence. We are together and stand against such acts in the society. Many hush voices on this critical issue but author Meena Kandasamy's novel "When I Hit You" revolves around domestic violence and mental abuse. I would surely like to read this book. 

I am joining the blogathon on Women's Web for #ALetterToHer to raise a voice on this topic. 

Happy to share that this post is recognised by Women's Web, this post is one of the top post.


  1. Raising the voices against our near ones is one of the most challenging action. Most of the times, it is not appreciated also but thats the time we have to be strong.

  2. Domestic violence is sad and harsh reality of our so called modern society and yes, we should act against it and raise our voice to protect the women who are suffering from it. the book you have mentioned sounds interesting to me, will check out it for sure.

  3. Domestic violence is one of the major issue which majorly not shared and I am happy that you have shared this, it's important to raise the voice !!

  4. Congratulations for getting selected. Those are some very powerful words. Domestic violence is one of the most underreported crimes and it's important to raise and support voices against it.

  5. Congratulations on the selection. Domestic violence is something that needs to be brought out to many ears. People need support to know that its ok yo raise voice.

  6. These are some really powerful words. I can't imagine what victims of domestic violence go through. It is indeed important to raise our voice for/in such cases.

  7. Such powerful words. And yes domestic violence is real and it exists among us. It is so crucial to talk about these issues and raise awareness and voice against it.

  8. Domestic violence should stop. Period. We should raise our voice to help the oppressed and show support when required. Your post is a step in the right direction!

  9. First of all, I congratulate you on getting selected by Women's Web. The words capture the essence of a person caught in the shackles of helplessness; domestic violence in this case.

  10. Domestic violence be it Mental or Physical is very common even today in India and across the globe. Most women suffer it to keep the family going but yes we need to be vocal of this injustice towards us and be courageous for addressing it rightfully.


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