Sunday 25 June 2017


Book cover: The cover page gives an idea about the story that it revolves around two individuals. It's simple yet elegant.

The story revolves around two individuals Meer and Meera ; each having a strikingly different way of thinking and taking life ahead. Meer believes in open relationship and doesn't want to be bound by anything where as Meera is an emotional person  and thinks the other way round. Their love life takes many twists and turns but both choose the path which they believe in.

“Just as it Happened” is a love story. The story revolves around life of two very different people Meer and Meera. Meer is a young IT professional trying to find his calling and Meera a young, independent, sorted girl. They meet by chance but it’s not just coincidence on how they got close. The story moves ahead with their days together and moments that enlighten them more about themselves than the other. How the story moves and ends,


The names of characters Meer and Meera makes it a bit confusing as while we read in a flow we need to interrupt to make out the difference.
Lots of repetitive things in the book make it a bit monotonous read.
It needs more descriptive content to make the characters alive.

The story puts forth many striking points of today's generation. It clearly states that each individual thinks in a different way n one should respect each other.

About Author: Kadambari Singh, a management graduate, passionate marketing professional, exploring branding and social media marketing. A firm believer of learning from everyone in life she admires self made people. She still believes the best way to spend a day is sitting beside a window, looking at the greenery around with the sweet drizzle sound. Love watching movies, listening to songs ranging from old classics to current hot favourites.  She is a writer at heart always yearns to pen a book. 
Reach her – Email : Twitter : thefuschialady

I selected this book as part of book review program by blog chatter in Blogchatter Writing Carnival. You can download this book through this link here and read various eBooks listed and happy to share with you all that our first eBook is one among it.


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