Friday 2 June 2017

Our first eBook : Tangled Relationships Yet Sweet

First things are always special and so is our first eBook. We are glad to share with you all that we have come up with our first eBook titled "Tangled Relationships Yet Sweet".  

A book is a reflection of thoughts and yes it feels immense pleasure to launch our first book.

In this book you will witness instances that strikes chord with you and a direct string that transports a message. We hope to bring a positive attitude in everyone by learning perspective from hardship too.

Many times a relationship faces challenges that need to be approached with calmer attitude to overcome them. Short, crisp, clear and touching stories, poems and posts will surely show your perspective a new route. As you flip though the pages you will find how relationships can flourish with a simple approach. So let’s get started to taste the sweetness of tangled relationships.

Our eBook
Our eBook is available at Amazon, click here to download and we are all ears for your reviews and suggestions.

Meenal Sonal

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