Sunday 5 August 2018

4 reasons why I choose Mother Sparsh Baby Wet Wipes

A mother is someone who is extra cautious when the health of the child is compromised and selects the best product for the child. A mother always chooses the right things for her children, be it bathing products, skin care products or clothing or footwear. Mother knows what suits their child the best, and extra care and decision making is required when baby is new born stage or in toddler stage because the child is so delicate and child’s skin needs extra attention as it is gentle and extra soft.
aura of thoughts - Sparsh baby wet wipes
Best Baby Wipes
Being a mother what I every time look in a product is their unique features that take care of my extension of heart, my child. I carefully read and look for products that are natural and nourish baby growth. One such product, which I am assured, takes good care of my child is Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes.  Yes these are no ordinary wipes; it has unique features, which I will share with you all in this post.

1. Natural & Skin Friendly
  Products, which are close to nature, surely can bring no harm to the delicate baby skin. One such product is Mother Sparsh Baby wet wipes. These wipes are made with 98% pure water, and we know water does no harm to baby skin. Baby skin is vulnerable to rashes if not taken proper care, so what one mother needs is a baby wet wipes which prevents from diaper rashes wipes.

 These baby water wipes are Hypoallergenic and pH Balanced Water Wipes The water based baby wipes are free from chemicals are pH balanced and free from allergens. Mother Sparsh baby wipes suits best in category of skin friendly natural fabric wipes.

2. Cost Effective: 
With multiple products and wide range of baby care products, parents also need to plan their buying effectively. Yes parents don’t hesitate to shell extra amount for baby safety but the product should also keep the words. Mother Sparsh baby wet wipes, which are alcohol free baby water based wipes, which are as good as cotton & water plus are cost effective too. You get approximately one baby wet wipe for one rupee.

3. Tested & Trusted
Mother Sparsh baby Water based wipes are most trusted baby wet wipes of mother. These are clinically proven water wipes that makes no harm to child’s skin. No presence of alcohol makes these wipes more natural. These baby wipes are dermatologically tested and the results are clinically proven water wipes that are best suited for baby skin. These baby water based wipes are polyester free baby wipes, so mothers can be assured of using best natural based product for their baby.
4. Environment friendly
As a responsible citizen I don’t want to add any damage to mother earth.

The Mother Sparsh wipes are biodegradable and so it brings no harm to mother earth. Therefore I am relaxed that the product I choose is environment friendly and does not pile in landfills. Using these baby wipes I am doing my bit towards nature too.

So, my final word is the Mother Sparsh baby wipes that are delicate, nature friendly and made of natural products is best for my child and environment too.



  1. I have not used Mother sparsh.This makes me want to check it out.Wipes are a blessing!

    1. Even I used it recently and was amazed at the results. You will like it Amrita :)

  2. It is so important to choose the right product for your baby. This sounds like a good product.

    1. Yes right product does wonders for baby and mother and relives the stress from the air.

  3. An informative post, most helpful for new mothers.

    1. New mothers and would be mothers, this is kind of product you must be looking for.


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