Saturday 23 June 2018

Book Review : Break Free The Leader Within by Ravish Mani

Today I am reviewing the book “Break Free The Leader Within” by Ravish Mani. This is an audio book, and for the first time I listened to an audio book and my experience was great. Yes audio book saves lot of time and can be listened at your best times while doing other tasks. So to all who were ever hesitant about audio book, my suggestion would be try it once at your best time. I tried during my morning walk it was great experience.

Book Cover: Though cover is not that catchy, the contents are. Lets see what the entire book has to offer.

AuraOfThoughts - Break Free The Leader Within

Book Contents:
Book starts with a famous case of Shweta Singh, who approached the Hindustan Pencils Ltd, and other companies for left handed sharpeners for her daughter, as her daughter was left-handed. The way the other companies responded to the request and how HP Ltd solved the issue is explained by clear though process.

The need and urge for change and how leaders think is explained to the point.

How a simple point can be changing effect in the one’s life and a bold change for the society.

Leaders don’t need a platform to start the though process they build one for themselves. This point is very well explained by Ravish.

Pros of the book:
It is short audio book, just around 20 minutes; which means you can listen to this inspirational book at a go and be filled with mindfulness.

One example of Shweta Singh is explained perfectly. Author precisely built connect with the readers (or should I say listeners) about leadership and narrates the qualities with an ease.

At the end, Ravish Mani says, that this book is for free and can be used in any form further, makes me think the selflessness from which he wants others to progress and gain success in life.

The bookends with a sentence ‘Stay Blessed’, that really touched me as a person.

Only thing that didn’t work with me was the pace of the audio book, it was a bit fast for me. And for motivational books, I ponder for a while with the pointers made by author, than rushing to next one.

About Author: Ravish Mani, the author of book is a renowned blogger and is blogging with passion for years. His genuine help and suggestions have always helped many, and we (MeenalSonal) are one of them. Ravish has excellent quality of analyzing topics with a different positive angle and his books and posts essays the same.

Book Details:
Book Title: Break Free The Leader Within, 12 Qualities of Effective Leadership.
Author: Ravish Mani, reach him @ravishmani
Genre: Self Help, Inspirational Book
Medium: Audio Book
Price: FREE

Last Say: Go for this book, you will be filled with zeal and inspiration to move towards your goal.


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