Monday 25 June 2018

Journey of our Ebooks with Blogchatter

To be published as book author is what a writer longs for and in last year May we took our first step towards it by publishing an eBook “Tangled Relationships Yet Sweet “at Blogchatter Ebook Carnival. It was a learning experience for us and many hurdles were crossed to finish it. Now the book is available at leading website Amazon. Here are few details about our first Ebook.

Ebook: Tangled Relationships Yet Sweet, Download from here
Our First Ebook

Blurb: In this book you will witness instances that strikes chord with you and a direct string that transports a message. Many times a relationship faces challenges that need to be approached with calmer attitude to overcome them. Short, crisp, clear and touching stories, poems and posts will surely show your perspective a new route. So let’s get started to taste the sweetness of tangled relationships. We hope to bring a positive attitude in everyone by learning perspective from hardship too.

Again in this year at Blogchatter EBook Carnival, we pushed ourselves with more clarity with the theme and chapters, we came up with our second eBook “Parenting – An Intangible Wonder”. Blogchatter continuous support and motivation helped us to publish both the books and to many more upcoming writers like us. Here are few details about our second eBook.

Book: Parenting – An Intangible Wonder, Download from here 

Our Second Ebook

Blurb: This book explains perspectives of parenting for age group 2- 12 and emphasizes on positive impact of communication with the kids. They believe communication with kids at right time and in right manner helps to build a healthy relationship with child. When to say NO to child’s demands or When to shower gifts or What child expects on special day all such questions are answered in a simple and easy to implement methods. This book showcases swift way of parenting in a quick guide format for new age parents where every suggestion provided is explained in easiest form.

Ebook 1:  I take on the baton of Blogchatter Ebook Carnival from Deepa whose ebook 'Healthy Recipes Cookbook' is also a part of the mix.
About Deepa's ebook: It covers topics like - Healthy but not boring. Her experiments in the kitchen are inspired by her daughters, her inspiration for discovering healthy & yummy new recipes She hopes to break the myth that healthy food is boring and tasteless. 

Ebook 2: I pass on the Baton of Blogchatter Ebook Carnival to Natasha whose ebook 'April Anecdotes: Tales of Discovery and Joy' is also part of the mix.
About Natasha's ebook: April Anecdotes is a compilation of twenty-six compelling tales and anecdotes of real people & some not so real people. These tales will intrigue, enchant and take you into the deep recesses of mind and matter to give you answers that you were looking for.

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