Sunday 3 June 2018

Our New Ebook : PARENTING-An Intangible Wonder

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If you were thinking that we were on break, or on a long vacation then you are wrong. We were working on our second ebook with dedication and care. Yes lots of rephrasing, editing of the drafts and multiple edits for the book cover and finally after many cuts and formatting, we present to you our second ebook titled “Parenting – An Intangible Wonder”. Here is the book cover

By the title and subtitles you must have got the impression that this book is about smart parenting.

For who this book belongs to:

Every parent wants to gift the child the best in the world. But wait, what child needs is a mystery for many parents or lets say the timing of situations is not judged properly.  And we even say this book is for all. Not only to parents or upcoming parents but also for every one who come across the children in home or in social circle. So glance through the chapters to know what’s inside children mind.

What you get from this book:

Struggling to think when your child needs pampering or where to draw boundary in needs makes a huge difference in child psychology and their brain development. All chapters are clearly headed with each alphabet, so that every step of parenting can be mastered. It explains perspectives of parenting for age group 2- 12 and emphasizes on positive impact of communication with the kids.

Why to read it:

Parenting is very subjective and takes multitude of variations in many situations, but the objective is to understand the child and make them understand your point of view. When to say NO to child’s demands or When to shower gifts or What child expects on special day all such questions are answered in a simple and easy to implement methods. This book showcases swift way of parenting in a quick guide format for new age parents where every suggestion provided is explained in easiest form. So read scenarios and ideologies that deals with various circumstances.

We believe communication with kids at right time and in right manner helps to build a healthy relationship with child. So download our ebook and let us know how it was.

This ebook is a part of biggest Ebook Carnival at Blogchatter. Grab a copy from here for FREE. Don’t tell us later that we didn’t offer it for free ;)

Update: The ebook is now available at AMAZON, here is the link
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