Friday, 8 June 2018

Half Yearly Analysis: Check on your Resolutions & Goals

It’s June 2018 and time is running at its pace but for many it’s speeding than normal. Do you also feel that time is running short and now this year is gone? It is time for rough analysis of the jobs done in these months and more importantly gear up for the incomplete tasks. Then here is the list if ways that can keep you motivated for the rest of the year.

Gear up: Yes it’s never late to start a task. Go check your resolutions and goals that you made in the start of the year. Jot down and paste it in your prime work area, work hard towards it. Being an optimistic is a way you can still achieve your goals in the half year left.
Rearrange your priorities: Yes, this is an important thing to do before you plunge to complete your goals. Simple reshuffling and prioritizing things can work wonder. Like postponing your adventurous tasks; plan it later as you will be more content after your completion of goals.

Choose realistic goals: Yes realistic goals I say. In the start of the year we are so excited and zealous that we make resolutions that are sometimes way beyond our reach. Now its time to write down realistic goals you can achieve. Be it as simple as to loose weight or as serious as to get an admission in your favorite university.

Shout Out: Shout out loud and say to all your known persons about your resolutions and goals. You can even post updates on social media for being motivated. Yes this is the best way to make one focused towards your goals as positively or little nagging from friends will make you walk on your desired journey.

So what’s stopping you to accomplish your goals? Do your half-yearly analysis and stick to your schedule to have that million-dollar smile when you have clinched the targets.


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  1. My schedule is a bit flexible. But I have been working on and am close to accomplishing some of my 'summer' goals.
    Cleaning out my porch which had been used as a storage dumping ground and making my two spare rooms usable for when and if little visitors (grandchildren) stay overnight. That has meant taking baby steps to clean out one box at a time and rearranging things. Gifting items to charity and tossing junk. Still have a way to go, but I'm happy with what has transpired so far. Nice post ~ Jules (from WP)


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