Saturday, 4 July 2015

Weird Memories

Keshav, your breathlessness shows that again you had a nightmare; worried Sanjay inquired him.

After wiping his sweat by his shoulder, Keshav stared at the window and said in somber way, “life is full of circles”

Sanjay could sense that his obedient request to meditate has been turned off by Keshav and again he was falling prey to his memories.

Keshav answered in hesitated tone “raspy sounds from these woods don’t let me stay in peace, let’s go away from here my brother”.

Sanjay answered “Keshav, look around we are living beside beach since two months; just let go past flames”.



  1. Oh. Trauma is relived for a longer time than one wishes at times. If only it were that easy to go past it. Nicely written.

    My #3WW

  2. So beautifully you have written about an experience and it's impact. Good one indeed :)

    1. Thanks n welcome to our blog Sushree Dash !

  3. beautiful story

    My Take On The Prompt Thief

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