Tuesday, 14 November 2017

3 Invaluable & Unusual Gifts for Children

This Children’s Day gift your children the valuable and unforgettable gifts this day. If you have spent hours thinking how to make this day special to your kids, then have look at these ideas which can make your children happy and your bond stronger with them.

A gift of Love & Care
AuraOfThoughts-Gift for Children

Internet has deep seeded in tender hearts but the real feel is what is lagging in today’s time. As a parent gift your child sometime off from your busy schedule, let them know you care for them and make them feel special by a simple hug, a pat on the back, or just hold them and let them know how much you as a parent value each other irrespective of anything else. “Express your love & care to children with small gestures now and then”.

A gift of Rich culture and Values
AuraOfThoughts-Gift for Children
In society child meets children from diverse cultures so it’s very important that child should know about his/her cultural background. Children imitate elders while following a culture; proper reasoning for each action in culture imbibes the values of it deeply. Gift them these values overtime as these values of culture are inculcated through practice and not learnt overnight., And teach your to respect the cultural values not only own but of others too. So” remember to take along your kids in the journey of values and culture”.

A gift of healthy conversation
AuraOfThoughts-Gift for ChildrenA small talking session with kids replenishes each other's energy and we can get to know child better. Though parents may be conversation starters but surely we may not get a chance to speak once our kids take over. Listen to them without judging them patiently but at the end always give your advice or input so that a child learns and understands what could have been done for such situations. Children’s enthusiastic explanations of day-to-day activities leave a marvelous impact and a better perspective can be drawn around. “Take itsy bitsy time to listen to your children with open heart”.

These gifts may seem known to you but today practice them to gift your children on a special day. Wishing all children a “HAPPY CHILDREN'S DAY” and an eventful year ahead.


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