Sunday, 19 November 2017

Am I Perfect?

I work hard day night
Manage tasks as a knight
Gather my strength to fight
With all odds for future bright

I am perfect from tip to toe
My mirror is clear without any dew
Everything from here is accurate like an icing on the cake
No flaw to appear in any of the take

But when my heart looks out of window
I see many staring with questions in meadow
I am startled to stand without any clue
I then walk to them to get their insights & views

Analyzed observed their perspectives
Respecting their thoughts was my motive
Stood for sometime with this objective
Realized I am not perfect in collective

Imperfect unexplored side seen from other end
It took me out from quagmire & belief with bend
Bit of improvement, seemed feasible in new trend
Like cherry on icing cake makes a worthy blend.

Sharing this post with Indispire #196 -#ThePerfectMe, Mindlove Menagerie-Sunday Writing Prompt - Collage#37This post is a also part of Write Over the Weekend, Look outside Window an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda



  1. Lovely response, that questioning the unknown murky side to ourselves is often very challenging...

  2. A nice poem on the prompt, MeenalSonal.. Truly conveyed a good message on the imperfect part of human beings!

  3. I love the progression of the piece and have such a clear image of my own daughter. When she was about 3 she would look in the mirror with this expression that read "I am fabulous" it didn't matter what she was wearing or if she'd brushed her hair she was fabulous. Now at 10 she thinks more about the opinions of others and how she looks before going out and she has inner voices in her head with conflicting messages. Some voices push you towards growth, some towards destruction, some seek a certainty and security that is ultimately unattainable.



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