Wednesday, 15 November 2017

I keep my Family Safe, Do you?

We all love our family to the core in the entire world. I am sure all wish their family health and prosperity for eternity. But wishing a healthy family is one part and keeping up with the wish is another. We all do many major tasks to keep our loved ones happy and healthy, but sometimes we forget the minor or minute things that keep the happiness quotient intact.

Past few days, due to high pollution level in Delhi, NCR we all were bound to stay home shunning all our outdoor activities. Well, we all enjoyed these extended indoor time with family while listening to each others playlists and munching mouth-watering dishes, but mosquitoes played a spoilsport as they bit my kids numerous times on head and palm.

I didn’t apply any mosquito repellent as kids were indoor all the time but to my horror still mosquitoes have done their job. So now I understand that be it indoor or outdoors Mosquito repellent is a must. And for that I trust Good Knight, be it a daytime or night time using them makes me feel content that I am keeping my kids safe from numbers of disease caused by mosquitoes, the little demons.

Mosquito repellent machines are switched on through out the day and when my kids go out I use these colorful patches. The good thing about the patches is that they are so vibrant and inspired by cartoon characters. Children wear the patches where they want and show to their friends with a pride. As a mother I get safety and kids get cartoon character along with them.

My elder one even likes to wear a mosquito repellent bands, as they are easy to wear and keeps away the mosquitoes from the major part of the body.
Good Knight Mosquito repellent Coils

To cover outer areas of home such as entrance and balcony Good knight mosquito coils works best, as they keep away mosquitoes bunch away with light fragrance around.

After day of full of activities, what one requires is a peaceful sleep.  Everyone desires to sleep in a comfort without any disturbance, so do I. I get very annoyed when I have to wakeup and comeback to reality from the dreamland. And mosquitoes buzzing or I should say singing a tune in my ears at midnight is a strict no-no. So I use Good knight mosquito repellent machine in bedrooms to have disturb-free sleep to wakeup with a fresh attitude.

Good Knight Mosquito Repellent Machine
Good knight is my happiness protector of my family and of course of many as no one would want to have any external nuisance to mar these happy family moments. With this product being best in protecting my family it is even safe and effective in mosquito repellent range. So with these products I keep my family safe from mosquitoes or I better say little demons, as being so tiny in size they can cause a major health issue and make us run pillars in hospitals. So staying safe is best preventive measure.

What you do to keep your family safe and away from mosquitoes? Do share your thoughts in comments below.


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