Tuesday 13 February 2024

Book Review: Mom Says You Need to be Strong by Aditi Gupta

 A mother is the backbone of a child who teaches kids the valuable lessons of life. The role of a mother in raising the child is very crucial as the learnings she imparts to the child are ingrained deep in the child's mind.

Today, we bring you from our bookshelf "Mom Says You Need to Be Strong," which speaks about the lessons from a mother to her children irrespective of age. A teenager finds solace in a mom; a toddler needs the cuddle from the mom to feel safe, and youngsters search for answers for their indecisive minds in their mom. So, mom is there for all, irrespective of what age you grow. 

Book Cover:

The cover is simple and colorful, and the title is camouflaged in a loop, making it difficult to make out the title of the book, while standing among various shades showcases that one can get out of any indecisive circle once a person holds mother's hand.

Mom Says You Need to Be Strong:

This message in the book is loud and clear; the author has highlighted the learnings imparted from a mother in short stories. The stories are very much relatable to day-to-day life and reverberate in the mind for a long. While a woman takes center stage in this book, the narratives within this book delve into the profound themes of love, loss, resentment, and hope. 

What makes this book different from other Parenting books

  • The book highlights the key lessons that handle situations from toddler to old; it focuses on each stage of life where the mother plays her role.
  • The book is brilliantly divided into 15 chapters with crisp and clear understanding. 
  • Every story starts with beautiful quotes from various personalities and authors, setting the message's tone right from the beginning of the chapter. 
  • With the author's diary, writing at the end of each chapter is like a personal touch to each one, where each emotion is depicted in a narrative that makes you feel as though you are listening to your friend.
  • Engaging readers from start to finish, this collection of stories will captivate them until the very last page. 

Who can relate to this book?

All parents can relate to the various instances in the book, especially mothers who go through many situations where they need to answer their child in a manner that builds their confidence and, at the same time, makes them humble enough to feel grateful for life. Parenting is a never-ending role, and author Aditi Gupta has portrayed the same while sharing different phases of life. 

What else a book can hold

We looked for mothers' advice on dealing with workplace problems and how to be strong and act professionally in the ups and downs of corporate life. 

Also, one part of the world is social media; mom plays a crucial role in a child's social media conduct, and her advice can help the child survive in the giant social network yet create an identity.

About Author:

Aditi, a mother, homemaker, healthcare entrepreneur, and writer, constantly generates fresh and captivating story ideas. Writing is Aditi's key to happiness, as she believes in the compelling force of storytelling to unite people across diverse backgrounds. She aspires to motivate and empower others to pursue their aspirations and embrace their voices through her writing. Aditi eagerly anticipates connecting with readers and creating a positive influence through her stories.

Book Details

Book Name: Mom Says to be Strong 

Author: Aditi Gupta

Publisher: Notion Press

Genre: Fiction, Short Stories

Availability: Offline & Online

Pages: 250

Final Say: This book is for all parents stepping into the parenting journey and those looking for advice on parental issues. This book showcases how one can be empathetic and honest and deal with all sorts of emotions while being a parent. As author Aditi has covered almost all phases of life in short stories, this book is an interesting take on parenting with suggestions so relatable to all.  ⭐⭐⭐

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  1. I loved the title of the book. Your interpretation of the cover page is convincing. Mother hold a crucial place in child's life. Life lessons can be conveyed through practical situations. Happy to know that this book does the same thing.

  2. Very few moms these days teach their kids to be strong. Being a single child or two, I feel they are overly pampered. The book has life lessons as it shows through your review. I hope every mom follows them.

  3. Oh yes, teaching kids resilience and inner strength is crucial. It empowers them to navigate life's ups and downs with confidence and grace. As parents we need to instill this invaluable lesson in every child's heart. Seems like a great book with fab life lessons for both parents and kids!

  4. Sounds like an interesting book. And the title completely captures the essence of what my mother has passed on to me in her upbringing and what I am trying to pass on to my kids.

  5. Thanks for recommending this meenalsonal, the title itself is so intriguing, i am picking it up at the soonest

  6. The title is captivating and going by your review this is a book that talks about a lot of issues Moms deal with daily, so it is very relatable to me. With added diary entries this looks like a winner to me.

  7. These days, I have noticed very few moms try to instill strength or resilience in their kids. Doing so you are actually not preparing kids for the challenges in life. It is a life lesson and I guess the book is sure to give many life lessons that every mom and child need.

  8. It's nice how the author starts with a quote. Would love to check this book out as I'm interested in the stories and how the quotes connect with them.

  9. True, nurturing resilience and inner strength in children is important. It's a transformative lesson that empowers both parents and kids alike, guiding them through life's inevitable ups and downs with confidence.

  10. Interesting title of the book. Your review has piqued my interest, and also due to the fact it connects with me on a personal level as mother is a crucial person in child's life. Happy to know that this book does the same thing for its readers.

  11. Seems like a great book . As a parent,I think it is important to make our daughters strong . I hope every mom follows that after reading this book . Thanks for the review

  12. The topic of book has made me emotional . yes, moms are best teacher in life and they are always there to support their kids no matter what is conditions are. would love to read this book. thanks for sharing your honest review.


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