Thursday 9 June 2022

Children Fantasy Book Review : Bibi Blundermuss and the Tree Across the Cosmos

Have you ever encountered your fear face to face and the need to face it because the lives of your loved ones are at stake? Well, in the book "Bibi Blundermuss and the Tree Across the Cosmos",  written by Andrew Durkin has to face it.

The children's book with a strong message of the win over your fears and identifying your strengths has done complete justice to the storyline.

Book Cover:

The cover of this children fantasy book has Bibi looking confused among the woods, the color combination of the cover is apt to take you to the fantasy world where trees have their own world and challenges. Stick in Bibi hand, gives us a hint of her being fighter in the story. 

Children Fantasy Book

Story Plot: 

Bibi, is a 12-year girl who has hylophobia and has a thick forest next to her house. Hylophobia is a fear of trees. Her parents just vanished in the woods one day and she has her pet cat Eek and Grandma Ivy for her. But one day she has to enter the forest to save Eek from entering, but she ends up going deep into the woods. 

Will Bibi Blundermuss able to exit the forest unhurt? Will she be able to find her parents and pet cat, and how she handles her fear all alone makes the book page-turner.

Connecting Pointers:

  • The name of the creatures such as Yega-woo, Genza, Zezo in the book makes the book more fun while read.
  • The fight between the white Lions, the elk, and the team to save Bibi made a strong connection and showcases how heart connections go beyond age and species.
  • The core to save the forest from Quickening was the motive, and Bibi tried hard to do it knowing her limits but still gave 100%. 
  • When Bibi comes to know, that she is Acron Guardian and only she can make things back to normal in the Cosmos and real-life, her strength doubles up when she is confident to face the monster Tree Wight.
  • Too long to reach the end of the story, maybe because I wanted to know Bibi win over her fear was successful or not, few of the descriptions and fights seemed lengthened. 

About the Author:

Andrew Durkin is an author, songwriter, composer, editor, and dreamer. He lives in Oregon, where he enjoys watching trees grow and listening to the rain. Decomposition: A Music Manifesto is his another book.

Bibi Blundermuss Book Review

Final Word:

The 222 pages book, is divided into three parts with 51 chapters. The chapter length is small, and easy for a child to finish one or two chapters in a day. The suspense created in each chapter and how the puzzle unravels in the next is certainly the best experience in reading. Pick this children fantasy book and know about tree terminology and how phobia can be overcome with willpower. If you wish to read story about family, love, care, guardianship set in the fantasy land, then this is right one for you.

Book Details:

Author: Andrew Durkin
Format: Ebook
Number of Pages: 222
Publisher: Yello Bikes Press
Availability: Amazon

Thank you to the author and Book Tasters team for sending across #BookReview copy for an honest review in exchange. 


  1. Books like this are a great way to make kids overcome their personal fears. The names are indeed cute and catchy. I'm sure my daughter would like to read this one.

  2. As you said its a great book to learn the tree terminology and the willpower to overcome fear, I will definitely check it for my daughter.

  3. An interesting book for the kids it seems from your review. Will check it for my nephew. Thanks for the review.

  4. Fantasy stories and fairy tales are always loved by kids. This book is in the same bould and is sure to appeal to kids and fire their imagination.

  5. I making a list of books which I can read to my son. At the moment he is just 15 months old but he will engage in stories soon. And this book is easy to read for kids as well. So it seems like a good one to add in the library.

  6. We all have fears and books can be a great way to teach our kids how to overcome them. The storyline seems very interesting, I am sure all the kids will enjoy this one.

  7. This book sounds interesting. Everyone has some or the other free and overcoming that fear is definitely not easy. If this book can motivate kids to do that nothing like it. Would love to grab my copy.

  8. Be it book review or any other post the passion with which you write each post is appreciated. You have always inspired me

  9. Books are a way to imagination and creativity, glad to know about this book. It has a great plot and looks fantastic for kids.


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