Wednesday 15 June 2022

5 Benefits of Purchasing a Car & What you should know

Investing in a vehicle for the family is a very big decision and needs to be done considering all the factors. Be it a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler many aspects need attention. After the Covid 19 breakdown family of more than 3 members started looking for a means of communication that was safe, comfortable, hygienic, and handy in the wee hours of an emergency. This could only be achieved by owning a personal car. One has to consider all the benefits of purchasing a car and how the entire kin can utilize it to the maximum.

Purchasing a car is a lifetime investment and that has to be done right by calculating all the pros and cons, we assessed and found that there are many benefits of purchasing a car, and here are a few listed below.

benefits of purchasing a car  - auraofthoughts

1. Saves Time:

In an era where every minute is as precious as a gem, you should not waste time waiting for cabs. If you travel daily, then investing in a car purchase is a good idea as you save time and energy by booking a cab a taxi does not drop you at a certain location at any time. You can pick up your car, reach your destination, and can take by routes to finish your chores on the way.

2. Emergency Saviour:

In case of an emergency instead of relying on your friends and families to take your family member to the hospital at odd late hours, you can drive them to save time and reach a health care facility in the golden hour. 

3. Privacy for Family:

Purchasing a new car is like you purchasing privacy for your family. A personal car is an extended private space where your family can spend quality time together while traveling to your desired destination. 

4. Sense of freedom with flexibility:

A personalized choice of traveling comes as great relief where one can plan the entire journey according to the comfort of family. It also saves the unnecessary rush to pick a public transport. The flexibility of traveling time by a personal car also ensures peace of mind and reduced anxiousness.

5. Safety:

The safety and protection of the family are the utmost priority and are the driving force behind purchasing a car. You have complete control of operating your vehicle ensuring a safer journey for your loved ones. 

benefits of purchasing a car - auraofthoughts

We have read and understood the benefits of purchasing a car, now let us focus on pointers to consider before you head out to buy a car:

1. Family Size: 

This is one of the most important aspects and a deciding factor as to which particular segment of car suits your family's requirement. Owing a car is a major investment, and it should be done keeping in mind the plans too. Other than the number of members you should also consider the age group of your dear ones to make their travel smoother and memorable.

2. On-road Price:

Do your complete research and visit showrooms to estimate the car price and offers they suggest according to your requirements. Jot down all the loan offers, make a comparison, and note all the prices that fall under the registration process plus the vehicle insurance amount too. Generally, all the showrooms provide the details, and few charges are hidden, make sure you are aware of it. If you find the task of calculating prices and comparing the prices difficult, then you can take the help of online car purchase calculators. These calculators consider all the major and minute factors to give the final price along with the complete breakdown of the EMI cost.

3. Inter City or Intra City Travel:

Select the car model according to your daily and yearly requirements while purchasing a car. If you are traveling within the city and rarely travel to nearby cities in your car, then selecting a bigger seat space is a priority than a carriage feature or sunroof. And if you travel with your family and friends for a short holiday trip nearby city then considering the mileage, maintenance of tyres, and related factors come into your consideration. 

4. Safety and entertainment systems:

This is the most essential feature that should not be missed while purchasing a car. 

Car safety mechanism like back camera, parking sensor, child lock, airbags, automatic emergency brakes, etc, is crucial as it comes to your rescue very first under grave situations. The car makers also customize the entire system according to your requirement.

Thanks to the technological advancements that constantly churn out the best safety and entertainment features to make the trip hassle-free and safeguarded.

5. New Car or Used Car:

According to the statistics and reports by Economic Times, millennials are leading the charge in purchasing a pre-owned vehicle. With many car store companies giving them various options of the pre-owned car with many benefits then today’s generation is showing greater interest to purchase a car that was used. If the deal is right and all factors on your list get ticked then purchasing a car from a pre-owned car store is an excellent decision. 

But one has to be careful with all the paperwork and technicalities of the car as you do not want to spend your hard-earned money on a vehicle that turns out to be trash after just a few months.

Given your budget, the need for urgency plans a balanced view, you can opt for a new car or a pre-owned car. Whatever you decide, decide on purchasing a car with a strong gut and calculations.


After considering each factor to its extent and deliberately considering each point, take the big step of purchasing a car. As the car is like a member of a family that holds a sentimental value and captures many memories into it. Have a step-by-step approach, and you can reach your decision in that approach or learn the elimination process to reach the goal.


  1. Cars are actually a dead investment but there has to be great insight while buying one. I never knew there were so many things to consider while buying a car. Thank you for this detailed list. I am saving it for my next car purchase.

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  3. Cars are not luxury but a need for a family. Having one sure makes travelling easier and quicker. Good points to consider while investing in one. Size and price are both important.

  4. The safety of travelling in your car and the amount of time it saves are the major reasons why I prefer my own car. A like the idea of a pre-owned car especially now that the city has so many options at an affordable price.

  5. Yes buying a care bring comfort and luxury in our life and we should plan and execute every step carefully to make a good decision. you have explained each pointers so well in this post. indeed, a good post for perspective car buyers.

  6. Buying a car is a big time investment and require indepth research. I look for a safety, mileage and Maintainance cost. Thanks for all the suggestions.

  7. It is important to check that we buy a car carefully before investing our money in it. We shoukd do proper research before selecting.

  8. For middle class familes ...buying a car is a very big investment..which needs consideration of many have tried to cover each and every aspect .this is much needed information.thanks for sharing.

  9. It is always advisable to study before the car purchase.

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