Wednesday 1 June 2022

How to Choose Best Option in Life by Elimination Process

In life, whenever we are confused about what to pick, and when many options come up it is really difficult to select the right choice. Many times, we look at all the prospective choices and start analyzing them one by one. What we want in life or what outcome we are expecting becomes our main focus, and we start noting down all the possibilities that fit right for the choice to stand correct in the future. It is the most common approach humans follow, and it is called the selection process where we make decisions with help of the brain and mind citing all the possibilities for a good outcome. 

Choose Best Option in Life by Elimination Process

What is Elimination Process

Now let us see another process that makes the task of picking the right option easier. Be it life or a simple task to order a dinner for the menu, we start looking at options for what we like, but what happens when we reverse the process or reverse the question. Instead of questioning ourselves about what we want or what we like, we can think smartly about what we do not want. If you had Maths as an elective in your senior years, you can easily relate to the elimination method that is widely used to solve problems quickly and precisely. 

For example, while ordering food at the restaurant, you can use elimination process to omit the options you do not wish to eat such as Thai, Non-veg, or Indian. Then you are left with few options for say, Chinese, Mughlai, and Italian. Also, if you can omit the options, do that by considering taste factors. If you do not wish to eat spicy food then you are left with Chinese and Mughlai plus because the restaurant serves better Mughlai dishes than Chinese, you have zeroed in the choice.

This scenario makes us understand how we should implement the elimination process to reach the final goal. We should also focus on the factors that make this process more reliable and effective.

Why it is important to know what we do not want

  • Clarity of thought process
  • A step closer to a goal
  • Shunning away unwanted task
  • Giving priority to an important task


By removing the choices of what we do not want to carry forward we are using the elimination process that helps us narrow down the choices, and gives our reasoning more logic. By eliminating the choice, you are in a way being clear in your thought process in knowing what you want or what you aspire for.

Final Thought

Sometimes it is confusing to choose best option in life by elimination process, and we need to trick our minds by asking the questions in the reverse order. In reverse psychology, the brain is manipulated plus involves getting the things done in the opposite order. This works very well in child development too, and studies say that children with a poignant thought process perform better than others. 

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  1. Great ideas! Though at times, it may seem like everything is great and you really can't choose, hence, I always go with the advice I read somewhere which is to just to pick one of it and go from there. If it goes great, then, good. If not, you'll find a way to make it right or simply go back to square one and pick the other option and go forward.


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