Sunday 12 June 2022

Poem on Inclusion : Is there a Fair World?

Stage set with all opportunities for few and barren land to few, this is the equality we all live. Accepting the harsh truth of life, many people work towards reaching the pedestal, but then other groups are not inclusive to welcome them. 

We all shall create a world where anyone can reach any stage or a group, and that person is welcomed based on their abilities and effort and nothing else. The thoughts on inclusion are shared in form of Slam poetry below.

Poem on Inclusion: Is there a fair World auraofthoughts

Opened eyes, 

fair world ahead 

trival hurdle leads 

manipulative ties.

Equity a far lie, 

settled for ages.

Unexplored thoughts,

curbed in cages.

Values tested,

society cries,

all witnessing

the human calamity.

Helping hands,

don't don religious hat;


creator hew. 

Offering shelter

to group, 

expose to rest.

Virtues weigh high unkind crest .

World colored

with unnatural devious hue.

Eyes shut

disregarding utopian rule. 

Imaginary castle,

silver ceiling.

Golden rule breaks 

ultimate calling.

One truth

lies beneath to survive.

Rise above fear,

only reason to thrive.


only deed, does justice.

Serving mortals,

exchange bliss.

No race or belonging

change future.

no reckoning eye

at any juncture.

Then No darkness  

Be one, 

be for all 

in natures light.

Is there a Fair World - auraofthoughts

Have you ever noticed the unseen wall that hinders person growth? 
Have you recognised it ?

Share your thoughts with us. 



  1. Deeper meaning and visionary in your lines...! A feel good poem

  2. Inclusion needs to be talked about rather than brushed under the carpet. This is such a powerful poem that highlights the need for it. It isn't a fair world, sadly.

  3. Yes, we should be grateful to our creator for giving us such beautiful life. Nice, powerful words in each lines, I must say.

  4. Very nice verses, they reflect the agony of our times. It is time to express these thoughts and more people need to give serious thought to what is wrong with our systems.

  5. You have touched on so many topics around inclusion in this poem. People need a deeper sense to understand it fully.

  6. Life sure is not fair, As rightly pointed, the privileged one gets it easy and its a struggle for a commoner. Sad but true!!

  7. Unfortunately, I don't feel there is a fair world. There is so much depth in your words, a wonderful composition,

  8. Very well written. I agree for nature everything is equal then why human creates that difference. Inclusion is need but the path is too long but somewhere we need to begin

  9. ohh yes. We all are surrounded with such ways. but the only way to get over is inner strength.
    Rise above fear, only reason to thrive". is the answer to all those dilemmas, insecurities.

  10. This wall was always there, in front of our eyes, but concealed under fancy words and hypocrisy. Equality isn't a far fetched dream if everyone tries for it. Lovely poem.

  11. There is always an unseen wall that hinders a person's growth. It's like an unbreakable spell that can't be dispelled. This wall is what we called the comfort zone. It is a psychological barrier that limits our potential and capabilities. This barrier is created by our fears, doubts, and insecurities. Fear of failure, fear of the unknown, and fear of change are some of the main factors that contribute to the existence of a comfort zone.

  12. Such a power packed poem and you have expressed thoughts on inclusion with use of such beautiful words. but it is sad that practical world is far behind this expectation. hope things change in future and we have a system that follow this norm.

  13. So positive and beautiful poem. Lines are thoughtful and generous. We must grateful for having a good life. Thanks to the Creator of this world of us🙏

  14. This is lovely! As much as we want the world to be fair, it's not. What's given fair to us is our life and a set of unique skills we are supposed to discover and use for us to be successful in life. Our Divine Creator is a great teacher, He doesn't want us to be lazy. He doesn't simply gives us fish to eat but rather teaches us how to fish instead.

  15. I'm really glad that people have started talking about inclusivity and this poem brings out the essence wonderfully. Good one

  16. It's complicated .That's my thought.No one said it would be fair.Women have always fought for their rights ,for as long back as you can remember. Inclusivity can happen only when each of us do.our part

  17. Hipocrisy is the second name of society we live in. These are great lines you have written


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