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Book Review Pinkoo Shergill Pastry Chef : Dream to become Chef

We are in a world where the change is constant and the change has to begin with the mindset. The book Pinkoo Shergill Pastry Chef by Vibha Batra published by Scholastic brings in the spark of change with the storyline. The detailed review shall give you insights into the book and whether you wish to pick this one for your or your child.

Book Cover & Book Title:

The book cover is very appealing with a multi-storied colorful cake and chef Pinkoo Shergill with chef cap and whisker. There is a shooting board in the backdrop too that gives us the hint of the entire blurb of the book. The title Pinkoo Shergill Pastry Chef essays the passion of Pinkoo towards baking. 

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Dream storyline of Pinkoo Shergill

Pinkoo Shergill is a boy who wishes to bake a cake and various other desserts but is forced to attend shooting classes to pursue the dream of his grandfather. Pinkoo’s baking journey wants to leap with the Great Junior bake a Thon and he wants to give his best but it seems all the world is against him. His bench partner is the girl named Nimrat who he hates and his cousin Tutu and Manu want to help Pinkoo but do not know-how. Will Pinkoo keep the baking secret far from home and walk on his baking journey? Will his Papaji(father) come to know of his secret and if yes how would he react?

Ecstatic Pointers of Pinkoo Shergill 

  • Author Vibha Batra has set the tone of the book superbly that every child will get hold of the storyline easily.
  • The character of Pinkoo is charming and relatable to every child who struggles to keep balance in his life.
  • Pinkoo’s cousin Tutu and his friend Manu were supportive of Pinkoo’s dream and understand the passion for baking and cooking.
  • Child passion and family dreams may differ and each has to respect the difference and walk ahead. That's good for all.
  • Nimrat’s character is well sketched and showcases how circumstances make person behave differently.

Stupendous indicators of the book

  • The fonts in the book grab the attention of the reader and children get to learn new words too. Words like flabbergastounded, nasticiously are new and add charm to the book.
  • The illustrations by Shamika Chaves are a key aspect of the book as they are outstanding and the features of all the characters are well structured and in sync with the story.
  • The humor in all the 17 chapters is intact and sometimes leaves you to roll with laughter, my favorite part is when Tutu and Pinkoo do the eye talking and when Pinkoo asks Nimrat for help.

The story that breaks stereotypes:

Author Vibha Batra has highlighted an important point in the book. We as a society have tagged jobs and careers according to gender and if anyone wants to pursue something other than that then they have to struggle and break the barriers by changing the mindset of the people. In this story Pinkoo, the boy who wanted to pursue his passion for cooking and baking received negative remarks but his close friends understood his dream and supported him.

The story also highlighted the perspective of the person changes when we know them well. Nimrat was a helpful girl and Pinkoo came to know when he started talking to her. 

Final Word :

The book Pinkoo Shergill Pastry Chef is a perfect book for ages 8 years and above that builds the connection with the reader. The story shows how to follow your passion with dedication and breaking stereotypes is a change one can bring by actions. The illustrations in the book by Shamika Chaves and the brilliant narration by author Vibha Batra shall make you roll with laughter with a lesson to learn for all. No profession or dream has the gender it is only society who builds such rules is well explained in the book.

Book Details:

Book: Pinkoo Shergill Pastry Chef

Author: Vibha Batra

Illustrator: Shamika Chaves

Publisher: Scholastic

Genre: Fiction, Children

Format: Paperback, 184 Pages

Rating: 4.5/5

The books that tend to change the mindset positively are always welcomed as they tell the importance of change through story and if it is in a fun and humorous way then it is surely a delight to read. This book review is a part of #BookChatter book review program by Blogchatter


  1. The book Pinkoo Shergill Pastry Chef is definitely a light interesting read. I think it would be good to read together with my kid at bedtime

  2. Published by Scholastic itself puts the book at a higher level. I am a big fan of Scholastic books. The storyline and the message it conveys will give kids a different perspective.

  3. I strongly believe in following a passion in your life. and many times, during practical world many kids had a hard time to follow their passion and bound to do things that their parents planned. I really liked the plot and concept of this book. would love to read this book.

  4. That's a very interesting book and I loved your review. Very detailed and intriguing. My daughter is into chapter books now and she will be happy to read whether Pinkoo was able to pursue his dream.

  5. Manisha - This book looks very interesting, something fresh to read. Will check it out.

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  11. Such an adorable book cover and what a beautiful message.
    You have reviewed it so well that the readers would be forced to take it

  12. Love this children's book that implicates positivity in a creative way! There's no great way to keep your little ones entertained while learning important values needed in life. Great review!

  13. Love this children's book that implicates positivity in a creative way! There's no great way to keep your little ones entertained while learning important values needed in life. Great review!

  14. This is such an adorable book, loved the book cover with the cute sardar ji trying and aiming to be the chef. I agree with you that jobs especially in Indian societies are always tagged as men and women. But I liked the idea of this book and how the character Pinkoo wants to achieve his dreams and has found support in his friends. I would love to get hold of this book and read it along with my daughter who is also 8 yr old.

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