Saturday 18 July 2020

LOVE tested during COVID 19 Pandemic : #ShortLoveStory

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“So, we have our guidelines set and hoping this roll-out to be smooth and not bumpy as last one. Ria you head the Developer team and Nits you Testing team. Take the charge and make the project roll out” Sonia the project lead addressed the team of 37. She added “Lets take a break while the onsite team makes the necessary settings”.


Everybody started dispersing from the conference room and started heading to the cafeteria and few to their cubicles.


“Ria, let’s grab a coffee before you start explaining inters their to-do”, Nitish asked her in a pleading manner. He knew Ria was little upset with last week advancements.


Ria instructed “Shweta, I am in cafeteria; call me if any alarming message comes from onsite” and walked towards cafeteria in silence though his love of life was walking beside him.


Nitish held her hand as they sat with their favorite Dalgona coffee but Ria slowly pulled her hand away from his grip.


“Nit’s I want you to say it before it’s too late”, Ria stated in devastating tone.


“Ria after two years of our relationship you don’t trust me” confused Nitish smirked.


“It’s Riana…Riana Sheikh. These nick names in the company is taking toll in my life”, Ria blurted in a single say.


“How these names add mess in our life, don’t start blame game”, said Nitish in irritated manner.


“Because of these nick names, you saved my number as Ria and when your mother confronted you about me, you didn’t even mention my full name to her. You are going to onsite project for 2 years after few weeks and neither you are speaking to your parents about me nor you are taking me to meet them. They are under impression of Ria whereas they will be meeting me, this Riana Sheikh” Ria stated each word clearly and Nitish was surprised with anger building on this issue.


“These are all minor things Ria; okay I will start saying Riana. My parents are cool on religion stuff, said Nitish trying to calm Ria.


“If this is so simple, then why don’t we go and meet them furthermore tell our future plans before you leave for the overseas project”, Ria questioned him.


Nitish had nothing to answer for he was not ready to take such dramatic turn in life as he wanted to focus on his career graph and wanted to postpone this family meeting.


Riana was clear, either their family meets before Nitish leaves for onsite assignment or they take their paths individually.


Shweta approached Ria saying, “Ria, the code has crashed, team mates are saying some test cases were not done”.


“Yes, Shweta few test cases can cause larger damage to the entire project”, Ria got up from the seat while handing over the bracelet to Nitish, which he gifted Ria on their proposal date.


“Developing team needs to be more efficient to face such crisis”, Ria left Nitish alone with these words ringing in his mind after the breakup at the cafeteria.



Covid LoveStory - MeenalSonal

Nitish reached company headquarters in Georgia, USA and was settled in company’s guest house therefore soon immersed in all the responsibilities he was assigned to. Due to different time zones he was not getting enough time for long talk to his parents too as he had to prepare his breakfast on own and look out for few more essential daily chores. The gap that Ria filled in his life was evident but he was trying hard to focus on his work and was convinced that soon things would be normal.


Riana on other hand was heartbroken with Nitish behavior and decided to give chance to the matches her parents have been considering after two weeks of silently wetting her pillow with tears. She had unfriended Nitish from all her social platforms and even blocked his number in case he gives him a call. She was also trying her best to face the world with a smile who was broken deeply as her 3-year long relationship was ended in splash.



New year 2020 began, grand celebration was marked in USA and Nitish office also celebrated in exuberant manner. Nitish was sure to welcome this year with bunch of newness in hand hardly he knew that second month of year would change his life completely. A deadly virus named Coronavirus had started showing up in the Georgia and Nitish was tested positive with mild symptoms. He informed his parents, team and was quarantined for 2 weeks.


News reached Gurugram office, India and soon Riana came to know about Nitish being tested positive. A chill ran through her body, at a moment she did not know how to react being less expressive none of the team members noticed her worry. She rushed to washroom to hide her tears and was unable to handle her emotions. After 15-20 minutes she gained composure, seated in her cubicle checking the MoM of today’s meeting her mind was constantly thinking about Nitish and his health plus he being alone in isolation bothered her much as Nitish was always occupied some or the other activity besides he believed silence and meditation are part of different world.



Isolation plays varied role in people’s life, so it did for Nitish too. With no work at hand besides plenty of time to think he started analyzing his life before and after Ria, soon he realized his biggest blunder of life for not taking right action at right time. As this incident completely shook him up, he decided to call Ria to convey his feelings but was not able to reach her. While he couldn’t send direct message to Ria on any social media platforms, he quickly sent a well-being message to his current team and team in India. Reading the mail Ria was now relaxed that Nitish is doing good but she had already talked to her parents for prospects of arrange marriages. Being in dilemma over her emotions of past and decision for future she took a week off from the office.


Now Coronavirus had hit India too and all the staff was advised to work from home plus all onsite assignments went on slow mode and Nitish also left for India. As he was coming from Corona hit region, he was again advised 14-day isolation at home by the airport authority. Nitish was eager to meet Ria and further to her parents for their marriage prospects but before that he had to talk about this in his home too. Nitish soon talked about Riana and his love towards her; his parents who were first in state of surprise later agreed for son’s happiness.


No way was left to communicate to Ria, Nitish restless grew when India declared Lockdown as he was now officially free from his isolation period but cannot go out due to lockdown. Each passing day without talking to Ria was making him anxious. He later tried messaging his common friend and asked for a conference call as he wanted to talk to Ria. Shweta called Nitish and later added Ria in the call, Ria was surprised to listen Nitish voice plus happy at same point. She still longed for Nitish and somewhere deep down wanted him back in her life.

Ria agreed to unblock Nitish from her call list and added friend again in social media platforms. Nitish in romantic novel manner proposed for marriage to Ria on video call this time while saying “Riana you are my life and would like to treasure each smile and tear in my arms”. Hearing this a tear rolled from Riana’s eye and she nodded in agreement. After 15 minutes Nitish spoke to Riana parents and convinced them how he will take care of their daughter and she can continue with her religion beliefs too.


Love tested positive - MeenalSonal

Two long hours of series of talks in Riana house was tense as the sudden change in events left Riana parents in bewilderment. Finally, they agreed for the same reason as of Nitish parents who also overlooked each thing for child happiness.

When the country was fighting their battle with Coronavirus Nitish and Riana has won a first battle of convincing parents for their marriage. They wished to hug each other and forgive themselves in each other arms but stayed home and prayed for the entire lockdown to end and all be happy and healthy again.


Being interlocked in the love, Nitish and Riana are now locked in their respective houses and are surely locking many promises for future.



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  1. beautifully penned down I must say.

  2. Thank you for writing about love tested during Corona Virus . I think its much better than my blog

    1. Thank you Naveen, will surely read what was your take on it.

  3. This is a wonderful love story. LDR is a painful thing and I completely connect with your story. I am glad it ended up happily.

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    1. Thanks Saarav for restarting Blog-a-ton, will check your story too.

  4. Nice story with happy ending. We need smiles and hope during this pandemic :-)

    1. Yes happy endings makes the reader smile and we all need positivity in this pandemic.

  5. Who doesn't like a happy ending... Really liked those last couple of paras: "When the country was fighting their battle with Coronavirus Nitish and Riana has won a first battle of convincing parents for their marriage. They wished to hug each other and forgive themselves in each other arms but stayed home and prayed for the entire lockdown to end and all be happy and healthy again. Being interlocked in the love, Nitish and Riana are now locked in their respective houses and are surely locking many promises for future."
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  6. Thanks Vipul for dropping by, will check your story on the prompt.

  7. This is such a cute love story. Sometimes a few unexpected turns in our life make us think and guide us to take actions that are supposed to be taken.

  8. Dear Meenal& Sonal,

    This is such sweet & short story with a blessed ending! All is well, that ends well. :)

    You know, when you read stories like these you have this unique feeling of Love conquering all in the end.. pure happiness.

    All the best to both of you for writing a beautiful post.

    Regards, Megha :)

  9. A very cute love story Meenal. I always wondered the fate of lovers during these testing times. all's well that ends well! Hope it be true for each one of us. Great piece!

  10. Very beautifully penned story. The real realization happens in difficult times.i hope they will live happily ever after.

  11. Wow...this is actually gripping story and I loved the turns and agree that such situation takes the test of true love!!

  12. Hopeful , happy ending, bringing on smiles!! :)
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  13. A good love story, we need positive vibes i this time, and a story with a happy ending is always a treat to read.

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  15. That's such an interesting work of fiction of Riana and Nitish during this COVID Era. Well explained relations

  16. Through out the read I rooted for a happy ending and I am so glad their love ended on a happy note. You mosy weave fiction more often dear

  17. Very interesting story. It's surprising how pandemic situation has brought few people together and marked a new beginning for them. Well written

  18. Wow! What a lovely story and I am happy because at last parents was convinced for their marriage. Really this lockdown tested the love of many lovebirds.

  19. The current times are the for love and relationships too.Distance has it's challenges.Thanks for sharing this love story and spread positivity

  20. Interesting story. I was imagining my proposal days... How we are so eager to get into marriage and then wonder why we were so eager 😅

  21. This is a beautiful story and i love the way it ends, the happy ending.. the pandemic is definitely testing the love of many lovebirds..

  22. This is a very nice work of fiction, specially looking at the ppandemic situation as the background. The happy ending gives so much hope.

  23. Very nice read. I somehow knew this one would have a happy ending and you delivered it for me 😀 it's very difficult to be in the same office with your loved one. You just dont seem to know how to behave.

    I am glad they were able to get back and sort it.

    "After 15 minutes Nitish spoke to Riana parents and convinced them how he will take care of their daughter and she can continue with her religion beliefs too."

    I hope riana convinces Nitish's parents too that he can continue his religious beliefs.

    Very nice post. Thank you.

  24. This is such a cute love story. You have penned it really well. We all love a happy ending, don't we?? The pandemic atleast got someone together!

  25. The lovers surely had a great testing time and ups and downs during this pandemic and I am sure this would continue but the relationships lasts only when both sides understand and trust.

  26. Beautiful love story. I loved reading it. I would have been open to read both ending-types. I love reality and I think you did justice to this piece of fiction.

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  28. Wonderful story and the ending. Something positive did come out of the lockdown.

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  29. Yes religious belief is one of the most prominent reason that keep lovers away and allow the marriage. loved the ending of story, it is good that parents have understood their love and allow them to live a happy life together.

  30. I find it very interesting to read perspectives written during the time when the pandemic had just started, because things have changed so much even in this short time! Enjoyed the story!

  31. Glad that it ended on a. Positive note, I didn't expect it though. But people have moved on from being strict about religion though in some cases it's worse



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