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Know Journey of Sembaruthi Actors : ZEE5 Tamil show

Watching different shows and films in this Lockdown period has been a new experience all together and discussing the same with friends for recommendations is also new normal. In past few days while discussing the same with friends we heard lot of good reviews about the Tamil shows and specifically about Sembaruthi show and the cast of the show. Being in South India in growing years we are well versed with Tamil and Telugu language so looking for such shows is usual affair for us.


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When looked for Sembaruthi, found that it is a romantic drama TV series airing on ZEE5 Tamil which has casting Shabana Shajahan as Parvathy, Karthik Raj as Aaditya and Priya Raman as Akilandeshwari. Sembaruthi story line is as situations makes Parvathy and Aaditya to marry secretly and Aaditya’s mother Akhilandeshwari who is an affluent woman has high hopes for his son but is annoyed to learn the secret of marriage. The drama and the emotions are well enacted in the show. Let’s take a look at the acting journey of the these three lead actors.

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Karthik Raj


Karthik Raj who just turned 32 this year is a well-known name in the South India for his work in Indian film and Television industry and specially for Tamil lovers. He started his acting debut in television with 'Kana Kaanum Kaalangal- Kalooriyin Kadhai'-K5’ serial which aired during 2011-2012 which aired on Star Vijay and he continued to do many more shows such as Office in 2013. He also acted in movies 465  and Naalu Peruku Nalladhun Edhuvum Thappilla, though these movies were not box office hits he received praises for his hard work in these movies.


From the last two years Karthik raj has won ‘Favorite actor award’ in ZEE5 Tamil in ZeeTamizh Kudumba Virudhugal. Sembaruthi is Karthik’s first show in ZEE5 Tamil and he has surely become a household name with his acting skills. He is married and his real life partner is Yashini.


You can reach out to active Karthik Raj at Facebook & on Instagram at @iamkarthikraj


Now let’s look at Parvathy journey who has now become everyone’s favourite.


Shabana Shajahan


Parvathy is played by Shabana Shajahan is a well-known name in Tamil and Malayalam television industry. She has become more popular after starring in the show Semabaruthi.


Shabana is a young girl of age 21, who hails from Maharastra also pursuing BBA degree from Sikkim Manipal University. Her inclination in acting started with the Malayalam tv show and debut show in Tamil industry is with ZEE5 Tamil show Semabaruthi. Though being new in Tamil shows Shabana has excelled in making viewers to praise her for her acting skills and dedication towards acting.


Shabana has won Favourite onscreen pair with his co-star Karthik Raj in ZeeTamizh Kudumba Virudhugal 2018. Apart from acting Shabana also likes to dance and have anchored shows and is also a model.


You can reach out to cute Shabana Shajahan also called as Shabbo on Facebook and  shabbo143_ at Instagram


And now let’s talk about veteran actress Priya Raman


Priya Raman


Priya Raman started her acting career in 1993 who has appeared in many Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada movies and in television serials. Priya Raman’s first movie Valli in 1993 was produced by Rajnikanth and her second film Arthana was directed by I.V.Sasi was her debut film in Malayalam.

From Mana Midiyithu in Kannada in 1995, Srivari Priyuraluin Telugu in 1996, Aaraam Thampuran in Malayalam in 1997, Ponmanam in Tamil in 1998 there are around 36 plus movies where Priya Raman contributed to the Indian cinema in variety of roles. Her persona is so spell bound in the screen.

Besides films Priya Raman also worked in TV serials and she acted in Tamil serial Durga. Priya Raman television debut started in Malyalam with DD Malyalam in Snehatheeram and sequel of this was aired on Surya TV. She has around 13 plus tv serials and her debut in ZEE5 Tamil was with Semabaruthi show which has created waves in the Tamil industry.


Apart from acting Priya Raman has also presented the shows and been celebrity judge and guest to many shows. Her presence in the television industry is widely showcased and her acting skills creates an immense presence on screen. Though Priya Raman is 45 years of age , she looks young to her age with her persona, she is blessed to have two children and recently it’s in news that she has been separated from her husband Ranjith.


Playing mother to Karthik Raj in Semabaruthi in the role Akilandeshwari, she is playing an affluent woman who is dominant and expressive. Her acting skills in this show has won many hearts and is making youth also her fan.


You can reach out to her on Instagram at here


SembaruthiActors - Aura Of Thoughts


These actors journey made me feel that once you decide to work in particular area you can surely go  a long way as Karthik started with television and then movies and now again making a household name with ZEE5 Tamil show. Shabana who was hesitant for Tamil shows has become popular in Tamil viewers and veteran actress like Priya Raman showcasing her acting skills in TV serial has altogether made this show Semabaruthi a must watch for all people who like Tamil shows.


Have you tried doing any task in a field with hesitation at start and then excelled in it? This quote by James Dean will make you think more on this  “To grasp the full significance of life is the actor's duty; to interpret it his problem; and to express it his dedication.”


  1. Zee5 has some very good programs.If the content is good language is no bar. Will definitely try this out atleast for Priya Raman.

    1. Yes veteran actress Priya Raman adds her charisma to the show.

  2. Yes, i too was very unsure of leaving a govt. job and venture into world of freelance content without any knowledge.. but yes we do learn along the way

    1. Yes after few hitches we are set on our new venture.

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