Monday 20 July 2020

Book Review: Potpourri by Deepak Kaul

Potpourri are the emotions of many during the pandemic, it’s like naming the seven dwarfs of Snow-White story Happy, Sleepy, Grumpy, Sneezy, Bashful, Dopey and most important one Doc. Similarly, varied emotions are captured in the book titled ‘Potpourri’ by Deepak Kaul.


Book Title & Book Cover:


As the name suggests Potpourri is a mixture of short stories depicting various emotions and taking a reader on a ride all over the world with these stories. Author Deepak Kaul very efficiently picked up the cover image of the book as one of the stories is based on US President ‘Donald Trump’.

Potpourri Book Review - AuraOfThoughts

About the Author:


Deepak Kaul has written many books many self-published and few traditional published and most acclaimed ones are Corporkshetra & 2049. He is an avid reader and mostly like to read nonfiction though he likes to pen fiction stories. He is a chartered accountant by profession, specialising in international tax. He has over twenty years of work experience, of which 12 years were spent in Singapore and US.


Potpourri Book:


Potpourri book, available in eBook is a collection of 13 short stories where emotions are varying from anger, fear, death, life, questions, answer, politics, friends, love, lust and after life. The book takes you on our tour where each emotion is jolted in the story and you take ride in that emotion. Few stories are based on real life characters and author has very well narrated the fiction story around it. Each story be it ‘Brothers in Arm’ or ‘Paradise’ author has brilliantly characterized the circumstances and takes readers by surprise with the twist in the end. My favorite story is ‘The App’ where the God appears in front of a man and asks him to download an application named ‘Karma Road’ and then God disappears and the man life’s completely changes and his decision-making skill too.



Why you will pick Potpourri book:


·      Stories will take you on each aspect of life and make you ponder about the situation where you will be in dilemma about which way to take as both seems right.


·      As the story are based on different regions of world with current situation of the decade reader is surely going to connect with the stories.


·      For Mythology lovers, book has 2 stories titled ‘Mrs D’ and ‘Brothers in Arm’ with a twist and the characters of the epic tales are relatable you in today’s life too.


·      Each story is well titled and title makes the story exciting right from the start.


·      You will have hilarious laugh when you read ‘Agenda’ and ‘The Outsider’ story.


·      You may drop a tear reading story of migrant workers in story titled ‘Football Fever’.


·      Author has quirky mentions of things like sanitizer usage in the heaven.



Missed Spices in the book:


·      Short stories collection with varied emotions is good to read yet as a reader one needs to hang in the mood of the story.


·      Location keeps changing in the story, so readers have to shift their thinking base with each story and emotion, so that can be tasking for readers, else if you read one story at a time and take a break and again pick the book you will relate to it well.


Final Word:


Short stories are most popular with the book lovers and you will like this one too. Each aspect of emotion is carried well throughout the stories. Author Deepak Kaul has done a brilliant job by captivating feelings in these short stories. Pick this book on your break from the work and enjoy each story with excellent narrative.


Book Details:

Book Name: Potpourri

Author: Deepak Kaul

Format: ebook, Kindle

No: of pages: 96

Available: Amazon

Rating: 4/5



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  1. Going by the cover I assumed it a political based book and am happy to find myself wrong. Shall check it out for some breezy stories. Thanks for sharing.

  2. The cover is quite interesting and unique. Reading your review, it seems like a book which people can connect. I like short stories over novel. Will check this out.

  3. The book sounds fun reading.. Though the cover of the book is deceptive but your review made it clear how writer has played witjdifferent emotions in each story

  4. The story line and plot of this book really impressed me but I love the cover of the book more..Thanks for the detailed review

  5. I love books with short stories and those that have all the elements of emotions. Special mention, loved the cover page !

  6. Like you I too love anthologies buddy, it is my favorite genre and you surely have got me hooked to this one.

  7. The books involving different emotions and different regions of the world seems interesting. Will check this book on Amazon. Thnx for review.

  8. Short stories help to make reading fruitful for readers.I love good story collection .Will be checking out Pot pourri

  9. It's great, this book offers different stories from different regions of the world. This pandemic situation filled all of us too with different emotions. I will try to read.

  10. Sounds like a good read for someone like me who are away from my novels. I don't seem to be getting the mood to read one. Now with ebooks, life has changed.

  11. The cover of the book is so expressive . I love the story line and concept .. A good book to read for sure.

  12. The book sounds like an interesting anthology. I would definitely consider reading it. The cover is attractive in a fun way.

  13. That is quite a good rating. I like anthologies and short stories too. They are quick yet quite feel good. I will check this one out.

  14. I am definitely looking forward to read Agenda and the outsider as they are hilarious as mentioned by you, so would be great read before sleep.

  15. Miust give a read. I love books that take you on a tour where each emotion is jolted in the story and you take ride in that emotion. Having worked in the publishing house, I have always loved reading all sorts of books. This one sits in my list.


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