Thursday 14 December 2017

Winners #Contest2 - #AuraOfPositivity

It was faithfully wonderful to read the diverse perspectives on the photo prompt. And after reading al the entries the one, which we liked the most is ones that filled the aura with utmost positivity are here.

Where Rashi says “mind is like a garden where with care and efforts we can grow beautiful flower and with neglect we can grow unwanted weeds; what we choose to grow depend on us.” This entry was full of positivity.

Durga Prasad kept it simple yet giving a strong message in saying “Look up and let thousand flowers blossom”.

And Prerna Kashyap was very prompt in her answer stating right from mindfulness that “Women's eternal beauty in her hairs”.

So grab your titles winners
Rashi Banerji– Queen of Positivity
Durga Prasad – King of Mindfulness
Prerna Kashyap– Queen of Simplicity

Congratulations Winners for being so positive in your reply.
Winners please email your email ids to to receive surprises from us.

Look this space for more mindful contests.


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