Saturday 9 December 2017

Contest #2 - #AuraOfPositivity

Picture essays thousand words and sometimes a single picture leaves a permanent mark in our thoughts. Look at the below picture. Write in a sentence or two what this picture signifies to you. Share with us in the comments section below.

Photo Prompt - Contest @AuraOfThoughts 

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Contest ends on 12th Dec 2017, 11pm
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We are celebrating entire December with contests and giveaways, so look for more fun and mindful contests here. We are participating in #BlogchatterProjects with a mission to spread positivity in and around people.



  1. Women's eternal beauty in her hairs

  2. mind is like a garden where with care and efforts we can grow beautiful flower and with neglect we can grow unwanted weeds... what we choose to grow depend on us

  3. Look up and let thousand flowers blossom

  4. This picture signifies two things to me. One, it shows a woman paying no attention to the noise around her as shown by her tangled hair and is moving forward towards her freedom and success. The other thing I see is her strained neck. Doing it alone is strenuous. A woman can do it all when she has to, but having a support system makes it easier. Humans are created to live in a society and help each other to thrive.


Your each word matters! So drop a word or two :)