Sunday 31 December 2017

अल्पविराम् में उम्मीद - Pause to begin with Hope

With the year running at its pace but for us it was an eventful one. We had a ebook published in Blogchatter carnival and later on Amazon. Completed many blogging challenges successfully be it A to Z Challenge in April or Write Tribe Pro Blogging challenge in October or be it our first hosted contest with the theme AuraOfpositivity in BlogchatterProjects.

We also completed Proficiency certification of Blogging with WeBlog Acacdemy with support of Indiblogger.

Nominations to various categories in different platforms of blogging took us to a high.

Celebrating 4 years of blogging successfully and eyeing to more prosperous years ahead we both Meenal and Sonal take a bow to thank all the readers and the Blogging community for all your support and encouragement.

While we take a little pause to gear up for upcoming year with scope of events in writing and learning; we leave you with a hindi poetry on hope.

May the upcoming year be filled with loads of hope and prosperity for all. We are taking a holiday break and would be back in mid Jan with more positive posts. 

Enjoy this Hindi poetry which is full of hope

रुको तो एसे कि आगे फिर बढ़ना हो,
ऐसे नहीं की ठहर कर जाने दो।

रुको तो एसे कि नई उम्मीद साथ हो,
ऐसे नहीं कि सहारा छोड़ अकेले चलो।

रुको तो एसे कि वापसी का मजा आए,
ऐसे नहीं कि थमने मे डगर गुम जाए।

रुको तो एसे कि गलतियों से सीखो,
ऐसे नहीं कि पछतावे मे ही डूब जाओ।

रुको तो एसे कि बीता समय कुछ सिखा जाए,
ऐसे नहीं कि समय का पहिया तुम्हें घुमा जाए।

अल्पविराम् का जीवन मे खास है महत्व,
अगर समझो तो सवर जाए अस्तित्व ।

Meenal Sonal


  1. Hello, I read your blogs like every week. Your story-telling style is witty, keep doing what you're

    1. Thanks! But it would be great to receive appreciation with a person's name, so do leave your name next time.


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