Thursday 25 January 2018

New Twist to Old Luggage

New Year brings along it’s own set of novelty in the air be it hope, perspectives or mood; everything turns new and adds its charm of newness to itself.

Freshness in year beginning is so great that it motivates us to go ahead with our plans for the entire 12 months coming ahead. And so we too have planned a few novel ideas to bring out the best in our writing for our keen readers.

In this fresh start we wish to go ahead with innovative ideas, brisk strategies and considerate thoughts to have ideal world around oneself.

It's our constant renewable of thoughts which reset our mood to move ahead. It's very similar to our luggage. Yes, you read it right....our mini luggage.

We carry our mini world along when we travel and pack essentials with us in our luggage to have a comfortable journey. Your luggage at first is full to its capacity then it takes the maximum of it and at destination it’s emptied to fill again the stuff with new manner. You reach your home back with your mini world empty the entire contents and then squeeze the luggage to the confined space for future travels.

Again for next travel you start pouring in your mini world with utmost care. So old luggage with new contents or I should say old luggage with new twist.

Emotional Baggage Quote - Aura Of Thoughts

When we empty contents from the luggage we are very clear that we can keep new stuff in proper way for the journey planned. In similar fashion we need to empty our emotional baggage every year so that we can pour in emotions with a fresh start. Leaving your emotional baggage after a year will make you doubly sure to move ahead in New Year zestfully.

“Let Go Emotional baggage of past to have zestful new present”.

Do you carry any extra baggage in upcoming year? Is it too compulsory to carry forward it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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