Saturday 3 February 2018

Blue Moon - Haibun

The celestial activity is a continuous process, which occurs frequently but few alignments of heavenly bodies makes it really divine. Likewise its ones own way of act in particular situations that make the person shine like blue moon.

Rarest picturesque

Charming divine alignment

Empowers vision

Haibun is a combination of Haiku/Tanka with a prose. Want to know more about Haiku, read here.
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Do you believe in special powers of Blue Moon or any special connection with it? Share with us your views in comments below.



  1. A body needs alignment - too often though, rare is the body that is recognize for all the good it does do. If every action were deemed special - would that could that be enough to see miracles daily?

    (Thanks for visiting at WP - I have Blogger for ease of commenting - thankd you - Jules, who does stargaze :D )

  2. Jules, you have answered it very well. And we feel yes if our alignment of thought and action is perfect then miracles are sure to happen.


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