Monday 4 December 2017

Contest #1 - #AuraOfPositivity

Words have their various forms and different perspectives. Don’t you think each word brings varied meaning? There is always many ways to think about a word. For some a certain word gives them positive approach and for some it hinders their thinking, we @AuraOfThoughts say it’s matter of perspective; we believe if one has positive approach no negativity will ever encircle you. 

Have a look at the word prompt below and tell us what comes to your mind.
Do let us know what “CRACK” word mean to you in a sentence. Do not limit your thoughts; be open to share few words from your bag of positive perspective. Let #AuraOfPositivity be shown through your answers.

Simple Rules
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Second: Give your answer in comment box.

Few Pointers to know:
Contest ends on 6th Dec 2017, 12am
All comments will be moderated and will be published on 7th Dec. Bloggers do leave a link to your blog in comments.
No Anonymous entries will be entertained.
Results will be declared on 7th Dec 2017

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  1. crack or any mark is unique identity which differentiates u from others...

  2. To me crack means to break something hard and make it small and manageable. Crack the tough exterior to reveal how easy a problem can get.
    Naziya sultana.

  3. Happy Anniversary to Aura of Thoughts. I truly agree with you that words are hollow. It's us who put meaning in words. Here's my take on crack: Crack makes life possible. No germination without cracks. No chicken can come out of egg without crack. Events aren't positive or negative but our attitudes.

  4. A crack is an opportunity. No matter how fragile, it can be exploited to cause irreversible damage or lead to permanent gain

  5. Cracking jokes will crack a joyful smile

  6. When everyone expected her to crack, she turned it around and cracked open a whole new world for women all over the world!

    P.S. for Malala and Madam Curie 😊

    Lovely contest! Very unique :)

  7. I use Crack a lot... in my professional life that needs me to solve business problems, I use "we have cracked it" or "I have cracked this one!". For me Crack signifies that moment of jubilation when I have the solution to a problem and know exactly what to do next.

  8. Let the crack be, it will allow the light of happiness flow in

  9. A 'Crack' to me is permanent on any object and leaves a mark on it, even if filled up with precision.

  10. Crack the problems of life with confidence don't let problems make a crack in your confidence

  11. The day I received the keys to the "kingdom" was the day I "crack"ed my CA exam finals.

  12. Ill pray God to add a few moments to my life to join the cracks
    ANITA MAthur

  13. It is so wonderful to read all the comments having a different approach toward the single word.
    Winners are declared here Winners of #Contest 1


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