Sunday 13 November 2016

When I was a Child - Unique Approach

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I didn't see what's wrong, 

I didn't support any wing,
I walked where my heart lead, 
When I was a child I didn't had any enemies.

I didn't look at labels or deals,

I didn't go out only to shop,
I wore which was comfortable, 
When I was a child I loved everything.

I didn't worked for money,

I didn't walked for honey,
I just played till I exhausted, 
When I was a child I had peaceful night.

I didn't expressed each time,

I didn't say a word sometimes,
I just hugged my dear ones,
When I was a child I simply loved everyone.

I didn't had any balance sheets,
I didn't think to cheat,
I just made many friends,

When I was a child I had fun time.

As we grow up we forget the unique and simple way of approach to life which children's have. Let's take resolution on this Children's day to atleast have childlike approach sometimes

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  1. Hey keep posting such good and meaningful articles.

  2. So true, childhood and then adulting. SO much learning in the process and so much innocence stolen. Sigh!

  3. Ah! Childhood is such a beautiful period. Such a nostalgic post.. lovely

  4. So true, adult life is complex and so boring, why do we have to grow up? Lovely poem, dear!

  5. I wish i again become child, so true. We all miss our childhood. Beautiful written.

  6. I so miss my childhood though I am trying to relive once again with my children but still Adulting is boring.

  7. wow beautiful lines and you had expressed the joy of childhood so beautifully in few lines. indeed childhood is golden phase of life and we all miss that so much.

  8. Amazing thoughts and words of wisdom. Childhood days are the best days of out life.

  9. You have penned down these lines so nicely. Sometimes, childlike approach helps us to get the happiest moments in life.

  10. you have written some very beautiful lines.childhood is an amazing period and i have lovely memories.

  11. Wonderful words and deep rooted meaning. Childhood is indeed the time we all miss in our life, but at the same time I see my daughter wishing to grow it all so fast. I keep telling her, enjoy this phase as its never gonna come back.


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