Friday 11 November 2016

Open Letter to #DearZindagi - Best Buddy Yet a Stranger

Dear Zindagi,

Hi! How are you doing? This letter is quite different as if I would write to someone else then my first question generally is – “How is LIFE treating you?” but it’s you so I would like to know how I am treating you. Haha…Tricky question, Isn’t it?

LIFE (Zindagi), you are like a stranger yet soul connected because when I feel I have completely understood you, you show me your yet another shade. It leaves me completely awestruck and give the zeal to try my best to deal with the situations you put forth.

You have multiple names and each person have their own style of addressing you. At times with hue and cry, sometimes with peaceful soul and also sometimes irritated. How do you manage with varied emotions of all? You have multiple comparisons too, (God! I would be lost if it happened to me) from Balance Sheet to Water, from Electronic Gadget to a plateful meal. But still you keep showering your magnificent aura and charm the person.

LIFE, I feel you are a mystery box which pops up with load of surprises as whenever I give you a title and think this who you are you change the next moment. At every age I define you and compare you with the things I love the most. 

At the age of 3, family is LIFE,
at 5, chocolates is LIFE,
at 10 school is LIFE,
at 15 friends are LIFE
at 19 career is LIFE
at 25 partner is LIFE
at 30 kids are LIFE
at 35 family is LIFE. 

Isn’t it a complete circle. See I gave you another name ‘Never ending circle’. 

Zindagi, how can you be so selfless and modest, you keep going with my decisions, many are correct but of course few are wrong too, but you never leave my hand or take a pause. Without judging me you are with me. I have many happy moments with you to cherish for but at the same time I have complains too. Your answer to each of my complain and fears bought you more closer giving me strength to revive and recreate. It is like a celebration to walk with you, but my unsatisfactory nature pushes me backwards. 

Slowly you lift me imbibe the courage to keep my pace right. Zindagi I learned the value of contentment and selflessness from you. Indeed you are the one who taught me to smile, cry, and think, to defend, positivity, love and courage.

There are times when we express ourselves be it birthdays or anniversaries mothers’ day, fathers’ day, and what not, but never celebrated a day to celebrate my connection with you ‘Zindagi’.

Today I say a big thank you and sending a tight hug to you Zindagi for being there for me and understanding me.                
Three cheers to the bond with Zindagi. I dedicate these lines to you

I rose you taught me to walk 
I toppled you balanced 
I cried you gave courage 
I smiled with you beside.

Signing off,
Your dearest admirer

Your Soul Friend :)

Here is the most favourite song of the Dear Zindagi movie that speaks volumes in itself. Enjoy this song and live life to the fullest.



  1. I am so much in love the way you have showed the stages of life and the love of every stage!! Beautifully written!!

  2. Yes it is definitely a circle of life. We wind up remembering that family is only top priority. But yes we do go astray while we are young and energetic and get out into the world with so many different types of people. It is in us to explore i guess.

  3. It's a delightful read and I love to listen that song too love you Zindagi. Life has various shade and each shade has its own colours. You beautifully described.

  4. Zindagi has always been giving but we don't understand it. We realize the reason and purpose of a particular stage. Loved the way you have explained the stages of life in just a few words.

  5. I agree life has so many shades. And at each stage it brings beautiful surprises and some challenges too. Loved the way you had expressed this emotions.

  6. Life loves throwing surprises us and am sure never has a dull moment. Isn't it fun the way it's meaning changes for us at every stage?

  7. Life , a 4 letter word but even millions of book is unable to fully define it .. Becaz Every one has its own defination came from their experience .. - Jhilmil Bhansali

  8. Beautifully written post! I loved the way you have expressed the shades of life. Keep writing, Sonal-Meenal - I am your #FanForever

  9. What a beautiful ode to life! I love the way you have celebrated it in this post. Life does indeed come full circle.

  10. Very well written.. Life is a vicious circle.. You come back where you actually started. Life is a giver we need to know how much and what to take to make it more meaningful.

  11. Such a beautiful post, i was actually humming the titile track while reading it so realize, you have shred it too. such beautiful way to express the love for life.

  12. Life and it's different shades... sometimes bright, sometimes dull but always fascinating! The last 4 lines sums it all up... Beautifully expressed!!

  13. What a celebration of life! Loved the way you made us walk through the life with its changing priorities.

  14. Touchy! I agree to the way life teaches us different lessons based on our understanding and time. You have brilliantly weaved it into such mesmerizing lines.

  15. Well your post reminded me of one of my posts that I had written when this film Dear Zindagi was about to release. I love the song too and these conversations with self should happen as it give you a reality check, isnt it?

  16. what a lovely letter! I especially liked the opening! We indeed never ask Life how we are treating it! lol!
    indeed, life is full circle and now that you know, i am sure you cherish and enjoy it all the more.

  17. Your post reminds me of the song..Aye Zindagi!!! Gale laga le...
    Aye Zindagi!!! Gale laga le...
    Humne bhi tere har ek gam ko,
    Gale se lagaya hai... hai na...however life is we have to embrace it and make the best of it.You have penned it so well.

  18. Nicely written. Life has so many facets and at different points of time we see different shades. It is like you rediscover yourself and life at every turn.

  19. I agree totally it’s a full circle indeed, love that you have said that you are a buddy yet a stranger

  20. You have described different phases and colours of life in a beautiful way. It was so delightful to read..

  21. Dear zindagi is one of my all time favorites and I would often watch it when I feel a bit down. Loved reading your post, I am going to write a post too, I think, to dear zindagi soon :)


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