Thursday 10 November 2016

Visionary Path by PM Modi

All eyed on his strategy for many days,
few with doubt but many with hopeful rays.

Step by step the decisive team accelerated,
on the path which led to strong initiative.

Gamy comments never blocked his vision;
only the bull’s eye was seen in unison.

Halting was not in his to do list,
there came the awaited positive twist.

All applauded his powerful stand;
only a group was left with empty hands.
AuraOfThoughts-VisionForFuture of India

Rising faith says we will shine brighter,
each joining to do their tasks steadier.

Dream of decades taken a righteous path;
once it seemed a far fetched tedious task.

The black haze now started to clear,
and every citizen can now proudly cheer.

The wave of change has begun,
happiness loom have started to spun.

Many faithful hands will join you leader,
to revive the long lost cheer.
This post is dedicated to our honorable Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi and his team who sparked a new ray of hope within the heart of every Indian citizen. Initiative by his power corridor will surely bring back the merry time that was somewhere lost in the black haze. We being a proud Indian citizen support this esteemed initiative to make our country prosper in all aspects.

Sharing with Poets United - Midweek Motif #Path, Three Word Wednesday #505

Sharing with ABC Wednesday for letter V, V here stands for Visionary.



  1. A wonderful initiative; I understand why you celebrate it.

    1. Yes Rosemary, it's a definitely celebration time.

  2. euphoria nicely expressed...thanks for your participation :)

    1. Thanks Sumana, it is always great participating at Poets United.

  3. I am so pleased to read that you have a Prime Minister you can believe in. May many hands help him to further his vision.

    1. Yes Sherry, this movement is not possible without many hands. May all understand this and stay united.

  4. Love the progression of this poem & the ending with a long lost cheer! This is such a joyful poem.

  5. Beautiful expressed respect for a leader with vision and determination

  6. I wish your government well



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