Sunday 23 October 2016

Book Review: Bhrigu Mahesh PhD, The Witch Of Senduwar by Nisha Singh

Book Cover:
The cover is simple depicting forest on fire and title of the book is written in simple font.

About the Author:
Nisha Singh is a crime fiction enthusiast who has written short stories for National Print Magazine and has contributed to a variety of online publications. Nisha is a prolific reader and writer and resides in Uttar Pradesh, India.

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Story Line:
Story line revolves around the murder mystery set in Senduwar village, which is solved by Bhrigu Mahesh. Bhrigu Mahesh is a private detective who visits his village with his columnist friend and associate Sutte. Jayanti Devi requests Bhrigu to take up case of his son’s death. He takes up the case and unfolds many more chapters of Senduwar village and finally frees everyone from curse of witch. Story moves forward and each person is taken as suspect by Bhrigu and till end readers will keep guessing who murdered Malthu, an innocent boy.

All characters of the story are defined in detail and sketched with intelligently so that each one distinguishes from other, as it’s important aspect in mystery stories.
‘Sutte’ is a narrator of the story and this character adds humor to dull and monotonous life of Bhrigu; whereas ‘Bhrigu’ is focused person, an ex-police investigating officer.
Sarpanch character is leaves a mark in readers. Rest all relatives of Jayanti Devi are repeatedly described to avoid confusion among readers.

> Liked the way various situations are expressed, few of them leave you laugh for a moment.
> The book takes you to the life of village and maintains readers interest.
> Characters are beautifully carved, each in style.    
> Chapters are correctly ended and title of each chapter continues to support story line
> Narrator Sutte manages well to take the story forward.
> Reminds you of famous Sherlock Holmes dialogues and his wit.

The book seems a bit draggy at the end.
Sometimes too much detailing takes away the flow of the murder mystery.
Few situations are described which are not part of the story line, for instance incident related to ‘Highness’.

Final note:
Surely you will enjoy reading the mystery book, have a nice time reading it. Nisha Singh did a good job on her first book.

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Book Details:
Name: Bhrigu Mahesh, PhD THE WITCH OF SENDUWAR
Author: Nisha Singh
Genre: Mystery
Pages: 311
Publisher: Partridge
Price: Rupees 499,Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-4828-7322-1
My Rating: 4/5

Thank you BlogAdda for sending me a signed copy of this book.


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