Monday 16 March 2015

Time to Rejuvenate

Life is filled with lots of ups and downs; sometimes it takes a full swing and at times the path leading to our destination seems bumpy. These things give jitters and make us feel low and lonely. At that instant of time we badly need somebody beside us or we try to divert our mind by spending time with the company we feel comfortable with. There is a lot of strength in togetherness and I believe that, Life = Being together.

Being a mom I find solace when my kids are around. Children are life of a house, their innocent questions often make us dumb stuck. They care for every little thing, very tiny thing motivates them and their gentle heart treats each one equally. These qualities made me think on the various aspects, we elders can learn from them. Yes, a child is our mentor and a reminder of things, which blurs out as we grow up. We as parents and elders teach our young brigade but in turn there is lot to be learnt too. Thus there is no end of our learning; a little thing can teach us the depth of life. Angela Schwindt very beautifully quoted “While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.”
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There are many such incidences which made me ponder and gave all the answers to my questions and motivated for a fresh start. One such incident I would like to share with you all.

One day I was dusting a windowpane, which faces our garden. Suddenly I screamed seeing a huge muddy caterpillar at the windowpane, I hurriedly looked for a newspaper to throw it and took a deep breath after his fall.

My daughter was observing all this and asked me, “mamma why did you threw that caterpillar away?”
“It was so dirty”, I answered and started off again with my work.
"But mom caterpillars are meant to live in dirt, it is their home; how can you call it dirty? Where will it go leaving its house?” she worryingly asked peeping through the window.

This one question was an eye-opener for me and surprised me what an innocence child have. I understood that it is we who give tags to everyone like dirty, bad, and good. But we forget that all creatures big or small are part of our world. Each one is unique in some way. My little daughter taught me a big lesson that is to respect each one. So every time I spend with my children is a great value to me, and I treasure that together “we” time as the innocence of a child is an astounding quality that spreads love and happiness everywhere. Their purity sometimes amazes me and that is the only reason why I think that why have I grown up; instead I want to remain as a child for my complete life where there is a peace of mind and happiness. too treasures together time of loved ones and believe in holding loved ones in journey called life. Visit them for more togetherness at



  1. Yes...Rightly said.... We learn a lot in parallel with children as they continuously start interacting with us... A Nice Post.... Somehow, I missed reading it...Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes Sir, we always learn a lot. For me each day a new lesson with kids :))

  2. The kids are great observers and there is so much to learn from them.

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