Thursday, 12 March 2015

A Letter beholds Emotions

Hello! I am a letter; I behold abundant emotions with me. Today, I share few of them with you all.

I know how much each one care and miss their dear ones. I take the responsibility for dearer messages to loved ones and of course sometimes the news which no one would like to receive.  One can say that I have a strong heart as I encapsulate within me all the happiness as well as sorrows. 

There were times when I was written but was not sent, yes! That has also happened many times. Not all letters reach the destination; thinking that we have shared something to the person we are addressing but are not sent for many reasons. But at that moment of time a letter soothes the heart and serve as a companion to a lonely soul. Those unsaid words are deep buried within me.  I am very close to heart and kept very safely as I am reminder of one’s expression.

I used to travel long distances in search of you even overseas just to tell you how someone have put out their heart to give you this message through me. Long waiting time for my arrival has now just vanished as I reach you within seconds as hand written letters are the thing of past. Today I have evolved and evolved and in a way refined and walking still with you but with a change. From postcards to inland letters to emails I keep up to date with the technology .Though the way I look or the means I take up to reach to the desired person changed but  I still have intact the same emotions flowing and it will flow forever and ever.

Signing off

With lots of feelings


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  1. That is a nice take on 'letters'. Makes me think of my letters delivered and undelivered.

  2. A different take on the topic...liked it... :-)

  3. I like the first person approach to the theme, unique indeed.


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