Thursday 5 March 2015

LookUp With Optimism

"Optimism is like salt which has to be in right proportion otherwise it makes everything tasteless".

Life keeps its pace in full if we have a right attitude to approach it. There are situations in life that are differently dealt by different people, what only matters is the eye to grasp the situation and act accordingly. We can find brightness in whatever task we may take up it can be preparing food for our loved ones, watering plants, playing with kids and the list goes on. There are times when we learn many things from the world around unknowingly, if we carefully observe there is a message every creature gives by its acts. Nature is also filled with optimism, the sun brings each day with brightness, and the trees instill us to selflessly perform our duties.

Inspiration nurtures from our thoughts. I pen down my thoughts and reading those makes my belief stronger and hence filling me with bounds of positivity. I believe that writing is that moment in my life, which has a great impact on my thought process. My positive moment started with my blog writing, finding positive aspects in each moment and applying them in day to life. I am writer with a reason, and I state few in poetic form

I am a writer with a reason,
negativity is what I want to abandon.

Life’s puzzle is sure to solve in bound,
when positive thoughts aura is around.

Some thoughts are unrefined before,
but when penned properly, is the core.

Few posts are just frivolous,
to get the mood to be joyous.

Whatever challenges you tend to face,
an optimist mind will never fail.

And would like to quote a beautiful thought by F.Scott Fitzgerald “You don't write because you want to say something, you write because you have something to say.” Thus I believe our writing can change one’s perspective, make one’s day and even can bring smile or fill eyes with tears, so let our beliefs reach others through our writing.


Sometime we feel low and start underestimating ourselves; instead we should try to learn from simple activities and things around us. Such as the chirping birds teaches us to work with high spirit, they start their day with amazing confidence in search of food for their young ones and return to their nest in the evening satisfied and to again resume to their duties the next day. It is our own duty to not let ourselves down under any circumstances and live our life to its fullest.

Have faith in your actions and think accordingly, because the stronger is our belief the more difficult it becomes for anybody to move us. This though very familiar but holds a lot of values; these simple words has an in depth meaning and boosts our self-confidence. It instills in me an immense energy and happiness that let me forget all worst happened and encourages starting afresh.

Unfold the hobbies you have and work on them in your free time. It will not only satisfy us but also boosts our morale. Sometimes we just back out thinking that we are too old for it. But that’s not true if we have a belief in a thing then nobody can refrain us from doing that.

Always set some goals and try to achieve them with optimistic approach. In the beginning we may face many problems sometimes the circumstances around us does not allow us to achieve our goals. But if our belief is strong we can change the things around and can achieve what we want to do in life. “
Don’t let others suppress our belief and optimism”.
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  1. Faith and optimism are essential to move ahead. Well written :-)

    1. Yes Amrit, two essential ingredients of dish called life.

  2. Beautifully written! Optimism at right dose makes life beautiful :)

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