Sunday 8 March 2015

A leap towards building Nation

In the world where everything is priced and labeled to an extent that one does not get free clean drinking water, if something comes free then every human is sure to grab it. Freebies always lure a common man; often many stores make a margining profit by giving amazing offers to customers. This way customer is also happy to spend and comeback to that store that promised them value for money.

Besides Internet has added much value in building customer-vendor relationship and today is the world of interconnectivity through varied platforms available all around. Noam Chomsky rightly said
The internet could be a very positive step towards education, organisation and participation in a meaningful society.” The web has become an essential part of our day to day curriculum that people often require internet to walk hand in hand almost everywhere. Now a days where every task from paying electricity bill to booking an air, rail or bus ticket is done with the help of a click using an internet connection, imagine if a you are offered free internet service.

Keeping this in mind Reliance Communications & Facebook has taken a big leap by proving its users with the facility of free of cost where it covers a lot of information wherever we go.
Yes, you read it right! Free Internet access to users. A website is launched in India hosting free websites. Initially this service is started in 6 circles, and all users of reliance GSM Prepaid/Postpaid & CDMA Prepaid can take advantage of this freenet on

When we plan to travel the top most tasks in our checklist is taking a data pack / Internet pack to make our journey hassle-free. The huge bills also keep us worrying every now and then. But with no special packs need to be subscribed for as it comes handy with Reliance connection making a common man’s life smoother. No more worries of account recharges as it is completely free of cost.

And free website range in various categories from entertainment to communication, women, health to education, finance and government. Internet is boon to humans and if it free then it can do wonders to humanity.

Aura-of-thoughts-Reliance Communication & Facebook

A Nation with can be empowered in several means..

1. 24*7 availability helps us
2. Safety websites are handy.
3. We are just a click away with updated information while travelling.
4. All parts of nation has common source of information
5. Easy for government to make digital India, as it is free for all to use it.
6. As listed sites are free, one will make maximum use of good websites.
7. Students can gather more information which can guide them in their study curriculum. The concepts could be made clearer through ample examples.
8. Women can make the most by keeping track of information. On a click she can order groceries, pay bills and make use of loads of information available on internet free of cost thus, keeping the budget of the home unchanged.
9. A boon to a common man who need not shell out extra pennies to avail the services.
10. The internet .org App that can be downloaded on android phones is also an added advantage.
Therefore life is to keep moving ahead and with there is nothing to worry. India is sure to take a giant leap in future. Finally would quote Jared Sandberg thought “One of the Internet's strengths is its ability to help consumers find the right needle in a digital haystack of data.”

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