Sunday 1 March 2015

A Guiding Hand

Parents leave an inspiring and considerate impression of their personality on their children. Be it mother or father, their each action is a kind of verdict for a child.

Each step put forward in childhood,
is directed by parents in joyous mood.
Tiny steps, few concrete and few tumble,
but child is made to learn to be stable.

Each phase from childhood to teenager,
one needs an amazing manager.
Parents mold into a humble person,
where child is clay and parents mason.
Aura of thoughts - parent

Parents who hold their children so tightly, takes a bold step to make them fly in the free sky. They set aside their fears and wish to see their children explore the world as they feel their young ones are now independent to move on, yet they are always there with golden guidance to shower.
Now mold is set and right,
Where work is complete and bright.
But child holds parents hand tight,
parents decide to leave them for flight.

The one who shouldered me,
for a better view every time.
Today asked me to step aside,
to take a bigger leap with pride.

A father is generally referred as “spinal cord of family”, as they keep going endlessly. Like mother, father too influences the way we approach in life. He builds confidence in me and I will always look upto him with this quote by Anonymous “Dad, you are someone to look up to no matter how tall I grow.”
My father made me strong,
to continue alone and go long.
The bond is now set to loose,
So one is confident for any cruise.

There were times when I was apprehensive to talk to my mother on the course I decided to choose, so I talked to my father and he readily agreed saying ,“if you believe in it strongly then you should surely take up, I am with you always”. This quote is so apt to fathers from loving daughters “I am a princess not because I have a prince. But because my father is a king.” - Anonymous.

Holding hand he made us walk,
long distances covered in short.
Whatever path we choose to explore,
he was there to support in galore.

I used to fear in travelling alone, without any company in local transport, but he gave me tips and essayed me way out if I am in danger. His words made me so strong that I never looked back from that day.

My fear and inhibitions recognized by him,
sensed at time and shown path to shine.
Be strong and never give up were magical words,
absorbed by us for better futuristic shape.

He surely made me an independent girl, who is now confident woman running own family. The rich values and support are imbibed deep and I am proud to share all those with my children. Similarly HDFC Life also believes in making self -reliant persons and helps with advices to bread winner of the family, so that he/she can make their family self dependent in future. For more information on HDFC Life, please visit This awesome video below will make you an emotional yet strong person to make your loved ones independent.

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  1. Beautiful weaving of emotions in your signature poetic form. :)

    1. Thanks Ravish, you caught it right, poems are emotional flow :)


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