Friday, 6 October 2017

Solo Channel Multiple Memories

Our very own DoorDarshan keeps alive very fond memories of watching the favorite programs together with family members. The laughs, the cries, the discussions, the humming of favorite songs are all what made everything so much lively. I still remember the program Rangoli which used to be aired every Sunday morning...I still remember the excitement we all had to watch the songs. And I am glad that Rangoli is still aired with same routine.

But today though technology has made everything a piece of cake, as we can enjoy our favourite programs & songs anytime anywhere with our choice but that little happiness of togetherness has slowly slipped. Many many such sweet memories have etched our heart deep down and they will remain forever alive.

Feeling nostalgia about the together time spent with solo channel that spilled eternal happiness with multiple memories.

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  1. Indeed, the current generation will never know what it was like in a time when a family gathered around the radio (am I dating myself?) or the TV, to share a program together. No recordings. No DVDs or DVRs.

    1. Yes the importance of a single tv set or an only radio for filling our lives with entertainment was so enriching.

  2. We (old friends) often talk of DoorDarshan these days... choices may have been limited but we still remember them so well for the wonderful times they gave us growing up. I guess today's generation would never believe us when we say we had just one channel :D

  3. Scarcity makes things more valuable. Moreover, there were a lot of quality content and variety in DD.

  4. True! Chitrahaar, hum log... And many more. The way we used to wait for it. We had black and white TV and all of us used to watch TV together. I liked that doordarshan music.

  5. Doordarshan holds fond memories for a whole lot of us who grew up watching it. Thanks for refreshing those memories for us , Sonal :)

  6. I am still a fan!! :) Nice one!

  7. DD Days were so wonderful. Sometimes, we would even watch Krishi Darshan. Chitrahar, Rangoli, the various serials, animation movies and my favourite were the regional languages films shown on Sunday afternoons. Ah! Those were the days!!

  8. My memories with Doordarshan go back to whole family sitting together on weekends to watch the serials. And, that starting music. Who can forget that...

  9. How aptly said, technology has got the whole wide world on our feet. but the belonging is missing from it. I remember whole family, infact even friends sitting together and enjoying TV Doordarshan on Sundays..
    Lovely memories.


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