Monday 9 October 2017

जन्मदिन की आशाएं : Birthday Wishes

जन्मदिन के दिन खुद को क्या उपहार दूँ ,
सारा दिन क्या मैं इस सोच में गुज़ार दूँ ।

हर साल इस दिन क़ुछ नया होने की चाह ,
कि मन खुश हो जाये और मुंह से निकले वाह !

पर तोहफ़े और बधाईयों से है आज झोली भरी ,
कि सारी आशाएं हो गई एकसाथ पूरी ।

हर दिन ऐसी ही खुशियों के पल बरसे ,
कि मन में चाह फिर कभी न तरसे ।

भगवान से बस यही एक प्राथना है,
कि अपने प्रियजनों के संग सदा रहना है ।

फिर सोचु क्यूँना आज में इतनी खुशियां बाटूँ ,
कि सबके मन में अपने लिए अपार मोह भर दूँ ।

जीवन में अगर इस दिन कोई मुझे याद करे ,
तो पहले उसके होटो पे एक प्यारी सी मुस्कान खिले ॥


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English Translation of the poem

What can I gift myself on my birthday,
Shall I spend whole day in this thought.

Every year I want something novice to occur,
That my heart is content and I say yes in satisfaction.

But presents and blessings have fullfilled my wish-list
all my wishes have come true.

I wish every day I get shower of happiness
that I don't feel empty anymore.

I wish only one thing to God
that I want to live with my loved ones.

After a while I ponder why not I spread happiness today
and fill each one heart with love and happiness.

If someone remembers me today
I wish first they smile heartily and remember me.


  1. You write in Hindi too!! That's awesome.
    And belated birthday wishes to you, Sonal. Wishing that life has only good things in store for you. ♥

    1. Yes Shilpa, we write in hindi too. You are not late in wishing posted the poem few hours before for the Write tribe campaign ;)

    2. Thanks for birthday wishes Shilpa!

  2. Beautiful thoughts. Happiness and contentment are the best gifts we can give ourselves on our birthday.

    1. Yes Varsh! Immaterial things give momentary happiness and happiness is life long.

  3. Sonal, this is the same feeling I also have. Infact I am not excited now for birthdays but everyday. I enjoy everyday as my birthday only.

  4. Blessing self with eternal blissful state.. wow what a wonderful gift, what a great idea!
    - Anagha From Team MocktailMommies

  5. Belated birthday wishes Sonal. Thanks for the translation. Loved reading your poem. It's the smile we remember at the end.

    1. Thanks Jayanthy. Smile is what we remember when we think of a person in thoughts.

  6. wonderful thoughts!Your memory bringing a smile on someone's face is the most rewarding feeling. Zindagi lambi nahi badi honi chahiye...

  7. Amen to all your wishes! May they all come true, Sonal!:)

  8. Belated birthday wishes. Beautiful thoughts, beautiful poem. :)

  9. Beautifully written, Meenal with a good thought.

  10. Lovely lines, written so beautifully. Life is full of hopes, aspirations, demands and much more. But contentment is really we should seek. Perfect

    1. Yes Deepika, contentment is a huge gift for oneself.


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