Sunday 29 October 2017

Dual Bonanza - Cracker-free & Crack-free Diwali

Diwali, the grand festival in stature and emotions is completed, and I must say this year it was refreshing Diwali for me and for my family. For past 10 years post my marriage being nested in Delhi, NCR I have been celebrating Diwali here. And I must say this year was a best Diwlai as it was celebrated in its true essence. Celebrations in overall were focused to the rituals mainly and least time devoted to crackers.
Aura of thoughts - Green Diwali #CelebratingSuper
Painted Diyas
For past couple of years I think people only concentrated and connected this festival with burning of crackers and purchasing as many crackers as they could. Diwali is not meant only for is the festival of love victory togetherness. This Diwali was all the more special as I was away from the medicine kit too. For me the whole positivity of the festival looses its charm if anyone in the home fells sick. And past years were doing preparations of pooja and concurrently checking prescriptions of doctor. It was quite disheartening to have a family member running with low energy in a festival that we wait for whole year.

I completely respect the ban of crackers in Delhi, NCR by Supreme Court. SC has given us a fresh breeze in throat choking situations. I know when the news broke out about the cracker ban me and my friends were little fumed, but when looked at bigger perspective we all welcomed it.

Schools played a major role in Green Diwali motive. My daughter’s school had a celebration marking green Diwali and all students took pledge not to burn crackers. Many activities were organized in school to channelize their energy for Diwali celebrations. From Vandanvaar making competition to decorating diyas with paint and many art and craft workshops were held.

Indulging in Diwali preparations and celebrating it with family and friends is a true spirit of festivals. Yes festivals bridge the gap in hearts and mends all the cracks in the relationship. Yes it was a crack-free Diwali too.

While being mostly cracker-free Diwali we can wish for blissful mornings or else feeling of crisp blow after Diwlai was almost an impossible affair. Let alone breath one could hardly see the clouds as smog clouds hovered over the buildings. For this I feel the haze over our mindset needs to be clear; to understand the time of need to act judiciously to celebrate the festival in the best way possible. Humans have heart and that heart beats for all living things in our surroundings. So on this Diwali we have showcased great grandeur by respecting our environment.
Aura Of Thoughts - Diwali activities for children
Creativity by Kids

Being a cracker-free Diwali we had plenty of time for other things too.

I was elated that to find my better-half beside me lending a helping hand in the preparations of Pooja.
We saved pretty much bucks too as being cracker-free diwali money used to buy crackers was used in other fruitful purposes.
Children decorating diyas
Painting diyas was a fun with kids they had ample time, I never knew there were many artists in my family.
Colorful treat was rangoli that was done so casually without any hurry.
I managed to chunk time for my loved ones who live far off.  
Rangoli Aura Of Thoughts #CelebratingSuper
Rangoli by me n relatives

Celebrating festival with loved ones is everyone’s priority but that is not possible with all and I remember when we used to call our relatives to wish them Diwali greetings, we could barely hear something, so we started calling relatives in bright day time or after 2-3 days of festival. As by that time the crackers of most of the people are exhausted so that we could hear them distinctly. But this Diwali we had chance to chat with all our relatives on same day to convey our wishes and could get bundle of blessings too. I believe timing of things is most important else it looses charm and this Diwali Vodafone gave me immense happiness where I could talk uninterruptedly. 
This diwali the best gift was fresh air and ample time for all activities related to festival. Though this is a small step towards green world but surely we all had a beginning in right spirit. I would end this post with

“Light the lamps of freshness, humanity affection and positivity to glow forever”.

* - All collage pictures are actual pictures of activities done during the Diwali festival at my home and at relatives places.



  1. I have ben making Diwali diyas and rangoli with my kids for many years. It is so much fun to flaunt our handmade decoration and at the same time teaching our kids that festivals can be celebrated in an eco-friendly manner.

  2. I so agree that the ban of crackers is a good one. It really helps in controlling pollution. Abd we also need to celebrate keeping our social distancing norms in place so that we are not caught in any pandemic trap.

  3. I am glad that your kids know the meaning of green Diwali.... But there are still people who dont understand the meaning and keep polluting the atmosphere and that too with pride

  4. I loved this thought and strongly support this gesture. agree, crackers causes much air pollution and harm our environment. green diwali is a great concept to enjoy this beautiful festival by keeping our environment safe. I wish more people adopt this concept and make this a part of their Diwali celebration.

  5. Every year we celebrate cracker free diwali and I love it that way. We make sweets, rangolis and the best part is lightning diyas. Amazing post.


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